New #HearHim video reminds how we can better listen to the Savior’s voice

Launching a new messaging initiative from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to help mark the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the Restoration, President Russell M. Nelson extended a video invitation to Latter-day Saints in February to consider the question: “How do you hear ’Hear Him?’”

The “Hear Him” theme comes from Joseph Smith’s First Vision, as God the Father directed the 14-year-old boy’s attention to His Son Jesus Christ.

Today, a new video released as part of the 2020 #HearHim initiative invites individuals to consider how to better #HearHim in their lives.

Through limited, mild music and provoking subtitles, the short video reminds that sometimes, in order to hear and learn from the still small voice of the Spirit of the Lord, it is necessary to slow down, reduce distracting noise and take more time to really listen. 

In today’s “attention economy,” every minute of a person’s time is seen like a commodity and is being targeted, explained Jeff Taylor, executive creative director at Bonneville Communications, which produced the video.

It suggests setting distractions aside can help efforts become more meaningful when done with intention.

The video prompts reflection that individuals can hear and learn from the Spirit of the Lord anywhere and in every situation, “but also part of it is learning what to do to be able to hear Him,” added Valentina Almeida, associate strategy director at Boncom and part of the creative team behind the #HearHim initiative. 

The video subtly ties the prophet’s invitation to seek to hear that still, small voice — especially in preparation for general conference — together with the anniversary of the gospel’s latter-day Restoration and the themes of Easter and the Resurrection of the Jesus Christ.

It is a reminder that each person can #HearHim through living apostles and prophets, can #HearHim through their own personal revelation, and can bless the lives of others in their community by taking the time to #HearHim.

“When we take time to listen with our hearts, the heavens open and He speaks,” it reads on the Church’s website release of the new video. “God still speaks today, and the joyful call remains to hear Him. As you listen to Jesus Christ, you will feel His love for you. As you #HearHim and act on what you hear, you will feel the joy and fulfillment His words bring to all who seek Him.”

More information can be found on the Church’s #HearHim Resources page.