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New stakes

A new stake has been created from the Onitsha Nigeria Stake. The Awka Nigeria Stake, which consists of the Ihembosi, Nnewi and Ogidi branches and the Awka 1st, Awka 2nd, Ekwulobia, Obosi 1st and Okpuno wards, was created by Elder Marcus B. Nash, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Solomon I. Aliche, an Area Seventy.

AWKA NIGERIA STAKE: (Nov. 24, 2019) President — Nnamdi Godwin Moses, 43, principal inspector, National Youth Service Corps; wife, Eduok Moses Aniekan. Counselors — Christopher Chidiebere Ibeakuzie, 44, self-reliance manager, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; Precious Onyedikachi Ikpegbu Ibeakuzie. Augustine C. Nkembuofor, 52, business manager, First Bank LTD; wife, Virginia Ireoma Nkembuofor.

A new stake has been created from the Herriman Utah Pioneer and Riverton Utah Western Springs stakes. The Herriman Utah Towne Center Stake, which consists of the Herriman Rose 1st, Herriman Rose 2nd, Herriman Rose 3rd, Herriman Rose 4th and Pioneer 1st wards, was created by Elder James R. Rasband, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Mark P. Durham, an Area Seventy.

HERRIMAN UTAH TOWNE CENTER STAKE: (Nov. 24, 2019) President — Jeffrey Read Handy, 38, attorney, Babcock Scott & Babcock, P.C.; wife, Amber Jean Ainge Handy. Counselors — Robert Keith Birkett, 61, retired; wife, Suzanne Dee Hampton Birkett. Adam Baker Tuft, 38, scheduling coordinator, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; wife, Brynn Danielle Clayton Tuft.

A new stake has been created from the São Paulo Brazil Ipiranga and São Paulo Brazil Penha stakes. The São Paulo Brazil Sapopemba Stake, which consists of the Jardim Santo André, Jardim Tietê, Sapopemba, São Mateus and Vila Industrial wards, was created by Elder Joaquin E. Costa, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Carlos A. Genaro, an Area Seventy.

SÃO PAULO BRAZIL SAPOPEMBA STAKE: (Oct. 27, 2019) President — Marcos Oliveira Antunes dos Santos, 38, public employee, assistant administrator, CET; wife, Gislene Márcia Carrera. Counselors — Ricardo F. da Silva, 42, self-employed driver; wife, Sandra dos Santos Silva. Jorge Alberto Inoue Jr., 30, engineer, Continental; wife, Ana Paulo Costa de Queiroz Inoue.

Reorganized stakes

CHILLÁN CHILE ÑUBLE STAKE: (Nov. 17, 2019) President — Claudio Dolfo Vejar Acevedo, 60, retired; succeeding Jose F. Ruiz Navarrete; wife, Violeta Paola Acevedo Lopez. Counselors — Rosauro Antonio Concha Leiva, 49, logistics control and management, Viero; wife, Ruby America Inostroza Olate. Luis Edmundo Velasco Rojas, 58, administrator, CMPC; wife, Efigenia del Rosario Cifuentes Tapia.

CIUDAD DEL CARMEN MÉXICO STAKE: (Nov. 17, 2019) President — Moises Guadalupe López Gómez, 43, operations manager, Schlumberger; succeeding Hector M. Hernandez; wife, Gabriela Mateo Montuy. Counselors — Guillermo Salazar González, 54, service assistant; wife, Elvira Gómez López. Miguel Angel Jimenez Galmiche, 38, administrative technical assistant, PEMEX; wife, Irisabel Esteli Gomez Ojeda.

HAMILTON NEW ZEALAND ROTOKAURI STAKE: (Dec. 1, 2019) President — Ra Adam Bacon, 46, youth aid officer, New Zealand Police; succeeding Todd J. Miller; wife, Ariane Marie Kingi Bacon. Counselors — Robert Ian Murphy, 59, medical practitioner, Glenview Medical Centre; wife, Debra Robyn Anderson Murphy. Sikolasipi Faka’osilea, 47, business owner; wife, Siokapesi Tukia Faka’osilea.

IDAHO FALLS STAKE: (Oct. 27, 2019) President — Justin H Manwaring, 42, self-employed, director of support services, Mountain View Hospital; succeeding Douglas J. Hammond; wife, Amber Ogden Manwaring. Counselors — William Blaine Burton, 62, investment advisor; wife, Debra Meilkle Burton. Brian Thomas McBride, 48, funeral director, Wood Funeral Home; wife, Marion Denise Spradlin McBride.

LAKE MARY FLORIDA STAKE: (Dec. 8, 2019) President — Donald Fuller Haring, 39, attorney, Bogin Munns and Munns; succeeding Brent R. Holladay; wife, Melanie Elizabeth Cajas Menendez Haring. Counselors — Terence Alan Longhurst, 42, international logistics manager, Ravago Americas LLC; wife, Vianey Soto Martinez Longhurst. Nathan Clay Gable, 42, pilot, Allegiant Airlines; wife, Olga Emily Gallahar Gable.

LIMA PERÚ SAN LUIS STAKE: (Nov. 10, 2019) President — Yvan Sanchez Melendes Jr., 38, professor, Peruvian University of Applied Sciences–UPC; succeeding Enrique M. Loo Cordova; wife, Gisella Karina de Sanchez Avalos. Counselors — Edgar Vladimir Valderrama, 40, senior web developer, Elevate Global Tech; wife, Dora Isabel Vilca Valderrama. Miguel Cano Marquina Jr., 45, investment projects consultant, Municipality of Surquillo; wife, Maniu Villanueva Fernandez.

MONTERREY MÉXICO LIBERTAD STAKE: (Nov. 24, 2019) President — Adolfo Eduardo Rivadeneyra Ordoñez, 50, sales manager, Equipo de Pruebas SA de CU; succeeding Vidal Gonzalez; wife, Verónica Gonzaga Carapia. Counselors — Jaime Treviño Hernández, 45, coordinator, Axtel Services; wife, Rosa Gabriela Bernal Gonzalez. Juan Jose Cantu Hernandez, 36, self-employed; wife, Karla Quinto Pava.

NATAL BRAZIL PAJUÇARA STAKE: (Nov. 24, 2019) President — Andrey José Moraes de Lima, 33, scholarship researcher, CNPQ–UFRN; succeeding Jucelio da Silva Santos; wife, Daniela da Silva Alves. Counselors — José Cirino Santos Neto, 36, analyst, Grupo Riachuelo; wife, Isa Monique da Silva. Francisco Rafael Gomes de Lima, 33, technical designer, Guararapes Confecções; wife, Jane Borges Enedino.

RAPID CITY SOUTH DAKOTA STAKE: (Dec. 8, 2019) President — Michael Troy Nesbit, 46, anesthesiologist, West River Anesthesiology Consultants; succeeding Curtis D. Schmidtlein; wife, Collette Christensen Nesbit. Counselors — Benjamin Donald Patterson, 38, assistant United States attorney, United States Attorney's Office; wife, Carrie Stutznegger Patterson. Jacob Robert Butler, 40, farrier, educator, Doug Butler Enterprises, Inc.; wife, Millicent Redd Butler.

SAN SALVADOR EL SALVADOR LA LIBERTAD STAKE: (Oct. 20, 2019) President — Jarol Oman Turcios Cabrera, 39, co-founder, Inversiones Deseret; succeeding Eduardo A. Alfaro Chavez; wife, Caludia Verónica Martínez de Turcios. Counselors — Carlos Emilio Colindres Montepeque, 33, technical advisor, Taller DIDEA; wife, Mónica Rocio Hernández Leiva. Roberto Carlos Funez Parras, 40, web administrator, Network Seare; wife, Andrea Elizabeth Osorio Rebollo.

SANTIAGO DOMINICAN REPUBLIC NORTH STAKE: (Nov. 17, 2019) President — Remigio Fabio Dominguez Acosta, 47, self-employed; succeeding Luis Ramon Espinal; wife, Luz Merceder Soto Vasquez. Counselors — Victor Ramon Calderon Diaz, 50, environmental management, Sabinsa, SNL; wife, Maria de los Angeles Batista Inoa Calderon. John Perez Almanzar, 39, sales representative, Productos Portela; wife, Lissette Osoria De Perez.

SOROCABA BRAZIL TRUJILO STAKE: (Oct. 27, 2019) President — Danilo Dutra de Moraes, 39, manager, D D Maquinas; succeeding Irineu E. Prado Jr.; wife, Nayara Rachel Sousa de Moraes. Counselors — Edmir Sanches Martin, 51, proprietor, ATES Áudio; wife, Sandra de Oliveira Freitas Martin. José Pinto Bastos Neto, 48, assistant administrator, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; wife, Tánio Regina Ferreira.

URUGUAIANA BRAZIL STAKE: (Oct. 27, 2019) President — Paulo Sidnei Monçalves Soares, 42, businessman, Gráfica; succeeding Emerson L. Quevedo de Oliveira; wife, Raquel Medinova Greco Soares. Counselors — Lucas Correa da Silva, 35, sales consultant, Itaimbe Automóveis; wife, Kelly Martins Pereira. Claudio Dos Santos, 45, salesman, Dinâmica Distribuidora; wife, Rosane Margarida Florisbelo Dos Santos.

WEST BOUNTIFUL UTAH STAKE: (Nov. 24, 2019) President — Lonny Hayward King, 54, director of payer contracting, Intermountain Healthcare; succeding Kim G McReynolds; wife, Amy Zwahlen King. Counselors — Nels Richard Holmgren, 48, director of division of aging and adult services, State of Utah Department of Human Services; wife, Emily Parker Holmgren. David Wayne Tovey, 44, sales manager, Utah Paper Box; Crista Pollock Tovey.

WEST JORDAN UTAH STAKE: (Nov. 24, 2019) President — Paul Harold Lefevor Jr., 58, audit manager, certified public accountant, DCAA; succeeding Jeffrey S. Edwards; wife, Kristen Sue Vincent Lefevor. Counselors — Steven Paul Gomez, 60, retired; wife, Shirley Ann Jackson Gomez. Evan Jay Larsen, 60, controller, Missionary Department; wife, Melinda Rose Armstrong Larsen.

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