Good Friday fast gaining momentum on social media

Hundreds of thousands of people of all faiths are taking to social media to say they will join in worldwide fasting and prayer on Good Friday for relief from the global COVID-19 pandemic.

That momentum for a collective fast is reflected in one new Facebook group that swelled to more than 300,000 members in three days after President Russell M. Nelson issued an invitation over the weekend.

The group’s rapid growth, international reach and multifaith makeup was one indication Tuesday of broad interest in the effort to call on divine power this week for help during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I am Egyptian and a member of the Coptic Church. I will fast and pray with you. God help us,” one member of the group posted.

The Facebook group was launched by Elder Jaden Taylor, 20, a Latter-day Saint missionary who is self-isolating during in California the pandemic.

He felt especially good that the group has brought together people from all faiths and even those who do not believe.

“I think that’s absolutely fantastic. No matter where we are or what our background is, that we are able to unite in something really brings peace to my heart,” he said.


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