Speaking to members of the Utah National Guard, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles thanked them for their service, promised heavenly protection and encouraged all to be more welcoming and friendly to others.

A biological sister and brother in the Samoa Apia Mission bear testimony of the plan of salvation and eternal families.

After years of civil conflict, the Church has renewed legal status in South Sudan and a new branch.

BYU student and Latter-day Saint Will Melville spent months developing formulas and equations to help the Texas Rangers prevent opposing teams from scoring runs and win the World Series.

Find out how many new JustServe users and projects there were in 2023 and how Church members served worldwide.

After dedicating South America in 1925 for the preaching of the gospel there, Elder Melvin J. Ballard later said the Church would be "as an oak grows slowly from an acorn."

Across two weekends in March, young 'saviors on Mount Zion' performed ordinances and found covenant belonging in the Preston England Temple.

In months with five Sundays, Primary teachers are encouraged to use learning activities from Appendix B: Preparing Children for a Lifetime on God’s Covenant Path.

Full-time missionaries serving in the archipelago located east of Australia have been reassigned to other Pacific countries.

Numbers of Church members, dedicated temples, wards and branches, and stakes from 1830 to 2023.