Memnet Lopez: Choosing to trust and wait on the Lord

Memnet Lopez with her husband, Marlo Lopez commuting in a tricycle during their time presiding over the Philippines Bacolod Mission from 2012-2015. Credit: Courtesy Memnet Lopez
Memnet and Marlo Lopez with their grandchildren at Bear Lake in July 2020. Credit: Courtesy Memnet Lopez
Memnet Lopez, front left, during a mission leadership training meeting in March 2014 while serving with her husband as he presided over the Bacolod Philippines Mission. Credit: Courtesy Memnet Lopez
20170921 Memnet Lopez of the Relief Society general board. Intellectual Reserve, Inc. Credit: Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

Editor’s note: This narrative is part of a Church News series titled “Women of Covenant,” in which women of the Church discuss their personal experiences with priesthood power and share what they have learned through following President Russell M. Nelson’s counsel to “labor with the Spirit to understand God’s power — priesthood power” (“Spiritual Treasures,” general conference, October 2019).

Throughout my membership in the Church, I have always had a lurking feeling of fear that one day I might lose my faith. And because I am afraid to lose my faith, I have always prayed to God to help keep me on the enduring path of faith in Christ and in His Atonement and to sustain me through the mighty winds and storms in my life. I continue to pray for God to sustain me in my faith so that when future mighty storms shall beat down upon me, I shall not be moved and conquered by the adversary. 

My endeavor to search the scriptures and pray often has, at times, been highly irregular. I have often been inconsistent in practice, but my desire to connect to God has always remained strong, and I have realized that to achieve my desired goal, I need to be self-disciplined. And because I have the desire to persevere, scripture study and prayer have become important and meaningful to me. 

I believe my choice to persevere was the Spirit prodding me along. Not everything I pray for is answered, but I am choosing to trust God and wait on His wisdom to answer the bigger issues and questions about which I petition Him.

Memnet Lopez, Relief Society general board member. Memnet Lopez of the Relief Society general board.
Memnet Lopez, Relief Society general board member. Memnet Lopez of the Relief Society general board. | Credit: Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

In many small experiences, God has helped lead me to what I am looking for through the promptings of the Spirit. These strong feelings or impressions of the Spirit are examples of priesthood power working in my life. They help me see that God is mindful of my needs in my desperate moments and offer a strengthening witness of His priesthood power in my life.  

Sincerely trying to do and be better each passing day invites God’s priesthood power into my life.  Understanding priesthood power inspires me to hope that I can change what I need to change in my life. God’s love and His Spirit motivate me to improve, and in turn, God has distilled His light and knowledge upon me little by little. This distillation of truth from God through the Holy Ghost is priesthood power in action. 

I love the marvelous truth that, as a daughter of God, I have the right to draw upon the power of God in my life — anytime, anywhere. How sublime it is to learn about things of eternity and God’s priesthood power governing His numberless creations. It is breathtakingly mind-blowing to me.

Although God has put me through multiple refiner’s fires in my life — and still does — I still want to keep my covenants with Him, because I know there is an undeniable priesthood power that flows from honoring covenants. God has made me a stronger person as I exercise unwavering faith and honor covenants amidst trials in my life. 

I feel armed with priesthood power each time I am dressed in the robes of the Holy Priesthood in His holy house tutored by His Holy Spirit. Participating in the endowment session makes me feel like I am momentarily transforming into the daughter of God I was designed and meant to be. I feel exalted when I am in God’s temple. I feel empowered and sanctified when I do temple work for the dead. And the peace, joy, love and serenity I feel when I am in God’s temple is priesthood power manifested to me in all its majestic sacredness.

Memnet and Marlo Lopez with their grandchildren at Bear Lake in July 2020.
Memnet and Marlo Lopez with their grandchildren at Bear Lake in July 2020. | Credit: Courtesy Memnet Lopez

My temple attendance brings power of spiritual strength, divine purpose and inspired direction in my life. Temple worship empowers me to bear my burdens. And although my temple attendance may not result in the removal of my trials, my capacity to endure my trials patiently is greatly increased. 

This mortal journey is not so much about finding relief from hardships and pain but rather about gaining the strength and courage to move on, keep walking and stay the course of travel towards God in the wilderness of life.

Despite the insensitive comments and unkind judgments I have experienced in my life, I don’t allow myself to dwell on feeling sidelined or marginalized because I know who I am. I love my Heavenly Father with all my heart and soul and I have come to know He loves me and I matter to Him. Learning about my divine identity, value, purpose and duty to God is a process that brings priesthood power into my life as I make and keep sacred covenants. This, in turn, helps me to progress eternally. This knowledge is spiritual treasure to me and is dear and close to my heart.  

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