These new stake presidencies were recently called to serve

Reorganized stakes

ANGELES PHILIPPINES STAKE: (June 28, 2020) President — Luisito Roque Escoto, 48, CCTV installer, owner, L-Soft Technology Enterprises; succeeding Roberto B. Querido; wife, Lorna de Leon Pañgan Escoto. Counselors — Oliver Glenn Singian Merdegia, 31, production manager, Pure Magic Enterprises; wife, Cathlin Eliza Agustin Abraham Merdegia. Edmond Ryan Usi Perez, 34, Seminaries and Institutes director and coordinator, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; wife, Sharon Mae Leal Marasigan Perez.

ATOTONILCO MÉXICO STAKE: (June 21, 2020) President — Kib Lugo Villaseñor, 45, accounting coordinator, Sermantren, SA de CV; succeeding Abdon Gonzalez; wife, Karen Adriana Cortes Olvera de Lugo. Counselors — Cesar Sigifredo Sandoval Tovar, 41, industries director, Csigsa S.A. de C.V.; wife, Angela Nebai Alfaro Escamilla. Rey Eliu Dominguez Gutierrez, 40, sales employee; wife, Sheila Yahaira Morales Guillen.

SANTA ANA CALIFORNIA SOUTH STAKE (SPANISH): (June 21, 2020) President — Gilberto Valle, 40, sales manager, Los Alamitos Ornamental Supply Inc.; succeeding Jesus V. Villegas; wife, Janet Lizet Lopez Valle. Counselors — Juan Carlos Castillo-Mazariegos, 53, maintenance supervisor, Parkview Healthcare; wife, Carlota Marisol Castillo-Rodriguez. Sergio Alberto Equihuas, 59, maintenance, FM Group; wife, Maria del Refugio Aguilar Equihuas.

SÃO PAULO BRAZIL FERREIRA STAKE: (June 21, 2020) President — Thiago Brentano Rodrigues, 43, executive director, SOMOS Education SA; succeeding Maurício Azevedo de Araújo; wife, Camila Justo Brehm Brentano. Counselors — Clodaoldo Da Silva Santos, 46, manager of architecture, engineering and construction; wife, Monica Barauna Santos. Estevan Leonardo Paredes Leal, 34, head of tax consulting group, Bichara Advogados; wife, Danielle Gonçalves de Almeida Leal.

SÃO PAULO BRAZIL PIRATININGA STAKE: (June 21, 2020) President — Diego Paulucci de Melo, 36, designer specialist, Banco Original; succeeding Ricardo da Silva; wife, Camila Brito Hashimoto de Melo. Counselors — Ricardo Selas Vieira de Andrade, 40, MCA management control auditor, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, controller and analytics manager, RE9IT Your Experience; wife, Giselle Cristina Furtado Siqueira de Andrade. Adan Jonathan Tallmann, 38, coordinator, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

TIRANA ALBANIA STAKE: (June 28, 2020) President — Jetmir Hysi, 37, senior manager of software engineering, Mozenda; succeeding Medlir Mema; wife, Alexa Natalia Deeb Hysi. Counselors — Erald Veliu, 39, administrative assistant, Economic Service Center; wife, Dorjana Çela Veliu. Ilir Dodaj, 45, mechanic; wife, Gjystina Prenga Dodaj.

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