Boyd Matheson: Finding ‘the path to overcoming the weariness’

A scene from the Church’s Bible videos depicts the Savior. Credit: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
A scene from the Church’s Bible videos depicts the Savior walking with men and women before He gave His Sermon on the Mount. Credit: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

So many of us are feeling weary.  It is a weariness of both body and spirit that unfortunately does not disappear with a good night’s rest.  Many among us are greeting the dawn with weariness only to have it grow in depth and dimension as the day wears on. 

In his opening remarks during April 2020 general conference, to an empty auditorium due to the coronavirus pandemic, President Russell M. Nelson boldly delivered the antidote to weariness when he declared, “I know that God, our Heavenly Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ, are mindful of us.”

In this most unusual time of pandemic — and the weariness it is adding to our lives — we must remember that the Father and the Son are mindful of us. Likewise, we must each learn that the path to overcoming the weariness world is found in our being mindful of Them.

In 1991 Elder Neal A. Maxwell mentioned a multitude of reasons we might feel weary.  He said, “A few … have had their faith scorched, such as by … wrenching or unrelieved sickness, grinding economic pressures, loss of a loved one, or deep disappointment with a spouse or friend or wayward child.”

Many of our young people are weary because of their isolation from friends, lost opportunities and uncertain futures.

Others are exhausted in their attempts to faithfully live the gospel of Jesus Christ in an increasingly permissive society.

Some have spent precious energy carrying grudges, bitterness or resentment for far too long.

Many of us are weary from the relentless rat-race of work or the pursuit of worldly possessions.

Our electronic devices have become a constant, weariness-inducing-drain on our spiritual batteries.

A few may be fatigued by unconfessed sins or simply worn-out from forever wandering on and off of the covenant path.

Some have strained to find spiritualty in self-help or self-indulgence.

Others, especially our dear sisters, are weary from busy children, grandchildren and spouses all at home.

Still others struggle with the silence of empty nests.

And many are drained by the disappointment that their current circumstances are not what they envisioned their life would be.

To all the Lord implores, “Do not weary by the way, whatever be thy lot. There awaits a brighter day to all, to all, who weary not.”

Elder Quentin L. Cook of Quorum of the Twelve Apostles has reminded us that we are not to be weary in well doing. Elder D. Todd Christofferson taught that, “If even one of us gets weary in well-doing, it slows the work.”

The challenge of our day is to create places and spaces in our homes, in our hearts and in our relationships where we can regularly encounter a reenergizing rendezvous with the Divine.

We all can overcome weariness by being more mindful of the Savior and realizing how mindful He is of us.

The apostle Peter counseled, “be mindful of the words … spoken … by the holy prophets, and … the apostles of the Lord.” We are blessed in our weary world to have living Prophets and Apostles. They are true disciples of Jesus Christ. They will lead us, encourage us and energize us with eternal truths to overcome the weariness of our day as we continue our journey on the covenant path.

Heavenly Father is mindful of you. He knows who you are. He is mindful of where you are. He is aware of your silent suffering, doubts and discouragements. He is mindful of your divine potential.

I repeat, “Do not weary by the way, whatever be thy lot. There awaits a brighter day to all, to all, who weary not.”

The Savior has beckoned us all to walk with Him as we journey together along the covenant path, in the adventure of full discipleship. And if we are weary for any reason, He invites us to link and then lock arms with our sisters and brothers in the gospel, with leaders and advisors and teachers and ministers and friends.

As we walk together and are mindful of each other, and as each of us are mindful of our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ — our weariness will be replaced by energy-producing peace, love and confidence.

We will see tender mercies occur in our lives, and together we will link arms with heaven to make miracles happen in answer to someone’s weary plea and humble prayer for help.

Whether you are on, off or wearily sitting by the side of the covenant path, the Prophet is calling and the Savior is pleading with you to come, “Come, let us anew our journey pursue.” Together, in our homes, wards and stakes, “We have promises (and covenants) to keep and miles to go before we sleep.”

We can overcome the weariness of the world through Him who is mindful of every sparrow, the most weary of travelers and each one of us, even the Lord Jesus Christ.

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