Learn about these 9 new stake presidencies

EL CAJON CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Oct. 17, 2021) President — Michael Fredrick Erickson, 50, physician; succeeding Bradley W. Hixson; wife, Crystal Lyn Anderson Erickson. Counselors — Craig Michael Clark, 51, Tanvex BioPharma director of QA validation; wife, Lori Lynn Bohnsack Clark. Kelly Wayne Kygar, 55, SD Legal Center owner; wife, Stacie Harper Kygar.

MANAUS BRAZIL SAMAÚMA STAKE: (Oct. 17, 2021) President — José Alan do Nascimento Moreira, 42, National Service for Industrial Learning coordinator; succeeding Fernando Regio Mendes de Castro; wife, Edianne Bastos Moreira. Counselors — Claudomar Leão de Araújo, 55, former human resources assistant; wife, Antonia Marlene Silva de Castro Araújo. Widisson Alves da Silva do Nascimento, 29, Uber and 99 driver; wife, Emanuelly Santos da Silva do Nascimento.

MANTA ECUADOR STAKE: (Oct. 31, 2021) President — Pedro Jose Morales Morales, 53, business owner and manager; succeeding Cristian L. Alonzo; wife, Ana Rosa de Morales Martinez. Counselors — Cristopher Adrian Rivera Palma, 31, Kadmiel Corporation and Saludsa vendor; wife, Alexandra Xiomara Rivera Muentes. Adrian Marcelo Delgado Barberan, 30, Ministry of Public Health general physician; Mónica Viviana Bravo Cedeño.

NAGOYA JAPAN EAST STAKE: (Oct. 31, 2021) President — Hiroaki Sugimoto, 50, Toyota Systems Co. Ltd. manager; succeeding Taizo Ishikawa; wife, Tomoe Takahashi Sugimoto. Counselors — Michio Nomura, Aichi Ceramics Tile Industry Association chief; wife, Masano Kamiya Nomura. Kenta Yoneda, 39, Nagoya City grade chief; wife, Asako Shimabukuro Yoneda.

PERALTA TRAIL ARIZONA STAKE: (Oct. 17, 2021) President — Farrel Blake Layton, 63, DXC Technology software engineer; succeeding Jesse E. Phillips; wife, Pamela Anne Mueller Layton. Counselors — Preston Sreeve Peterson, 52, Mesa Public Schools assistant principal; wife, Starlyn Phelps Peterson. Matthew Erick Busby, 42, City of Apache Junction assistant city manager; wife, Catherine Eliza Cook Busby.

PORT ELIZABETH SOUTH AFRICA STAKE: (Oct. 10, 2021) President — Stuart Brian Chamberlain, 33, NOV Inc. Africa field engineering manager; succeeding Sinethemba H. Neku; wife, Letisha Ann Van Thiel Berghuys Chamberlain. Counselors — Andile Theophilus Khanti, 37, BanzoType Technologies co-owner and managing director; wife, Bulelwa Virginia Mxaku Khanti. Mbali Leslie Zitshu, 39, Transnet National Ports Authority firefighter; wife, Amanda Ruth Bulembu Zitshu.

SALT LAKE BUTLER WEST STAKE: (Oct. 17, 2021) President — Paul David Ellingson, 54, Chemtech-Ford Laboratories vice president; succeeding Steven G. Crandall; wife, Jenna Rae Grosely Ellingson. Counselors — Val Raymond Butcher, 65, Foresight Wealth Management partner; wife, Jan Martin Butcher. Russel Lynn Olsen, 65, Stein Eriksen Lodge Management Corp. CEO; wife, Deborah Alvey Olsen.

SYRACUSE UTAH LAKE VIEW YSA STAKE: (Oct. 31, 2021) President — Trevor Thomas Wilson, 52, Brigham Young University associate dean of students; succeeding E. Coy Bowman; wife, Karri Ellen Louis Wilson. Counselors — Shaun Douglas Bair, 54, Davis School District senior data tech; wife, Jennie Len Millgate Bair. Cory David Price, 47, orthodontist; wife, Emily Clark Price.

TERESINA BRAZIL PLANALTO STAKE: (Oct. 17, 2021) President — Nilson Mendes Furtado, 54, former driver; succeeding José de Ribamar Silva de Souza; wife, Nely Cristiane Soares Furtado. Counselors — Wand Jorge da Silva Rodrigues, 43, sales representative and Vanguarda Group physiotherapist; wife, Theresa Rachel Mendes da Silva Rodrigues. Francielton dos Santos Sousa, 30, Franchise Akmos Timon LTDA entrepreneur; wife, Leticia Fernandes Araújo Costa Fraga dos Santos Sousa.

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