The Young Men general presidency is now on Instagram and Facebook

Members of the Young Men general presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints now have authorized Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

“Our presidency is thrilled to use these social media accounts to testify of Christ and share messages of hope and light,” said Young Men General President Steven J. Lund. “We also look forward to connecting with and learning from young men, parents and local leaders throughout the world.

“We hope by offering some of the moments of our lives we may get others to share their victories and challenges with us as we all work together to bless the lives of our young men and strengthen the Church.”

President Lund — along with his counselors, Brother Ahmad S. Corbitt and Brother Bradley R. Wilcox — published their first posts on Wednesday, March 31. Each shared a little bit about themselves and promised to share more about their life experiences in the future. 

President Lund grew up in Northern California. He and his wife, Sister Kalleen Lund, enjoy playing pickleball, and they have four children and 10 “hilarious” grandchildren. As a young man, President Lund served a full-time mission in the Netherlands, which he described as “an experience that has left a lasting effect upon my soul.” He also loves roller coasters. 

“I may not know you, your face or even your name, but I know who does, and I feel His powerful love, one I could never deny, for each of you,” President Lund wrote. “I testify that you are sons and daughters of Heavenly Father and your Savior, Jesus Christ. They are real. And They have a work for you to do that gives your life extraordinary purpose.

“They DO know your name, your face, your worries and pains, and especially your eternal potential, which is literally without end!”

Though Brother Corbitt didn’t make the high school basketball team as a senior, he did “make the team” by learning about the restored gospel and plan of salvation from two missionaries. 

Growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he had experiences that were hard and dangerous. “But most of all, I came to experience the joy that each of you are discovering right now — that of recognizing WHO you are and WHOSE you are.”

“My journey isn’t about me,” Brother Corbitt continued. “It’s about you and how you can have and keep the light and truth I found — the truth that remains in my heart day after day: #HeLives.” 

Brother Wilcox, who teaches religion classes at Brigham Young University, spent his childhood years in Ethiopia, where his dad was working to improve education. He served a full-time mission as a young man to Chile and later returned as a mission president. He and his wife, Sister Debi Wilcox, have also lived in New Zealand and Spain, where Brother Wilcox directed study-abroad programs for BYU. 

“As you can tell, our family loves to travel!” Brother Wilcox wrote. “Wherever we go, we love meeting with the Saints and feeling the instant bonds of friendship and unity that exist in the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Brother Wilcox thanked his new Instagram followers for their light during the challenges of 2020 and asked what they have done to connect with people during this time. 

Below are links to the young men leaders’ Facebook accounts and their designated Instagram handles:

In November 2020, the nine general leaders of the Relief Society, Young Women and Primary organizations started Instagram accounts. Find links to those accounts here. These leaders also have Facebook accounts.

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