The Sunday School general presidency is now on Instagram and Facebook

The Sunday School general presidency from left to right, Brother Milton Camargo, first counselor; President Mark L. Pace, president; and Brother Jan E. Newman, second counselor. Credit: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
A screenshot of Brother Jan E. Newman’s Facebook post on April 22, 2021. Brother Newman is the second counselor in the Sunday School general presidency. Credit: Screenshot YouTube
A screenshot of Brother Milton Camargo’s Facebook post on April 22, 2021. Brother Camargo is the first counselor in the Sunday School general presidency. Credit: Screenshot YouTube
A screenshot of Sunday School General President Mark L. Pace’s Facebook post on April 22, 2021. Credit: Screenshot Facebook

To better engage with and learn from Latter-day Saints around the world implementing home-centered gospel learning, members of the Sunday School general presidency now have authorized Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

“We are thrilled with this opportunity to connect with members from all over the world on social media,” said Sunday School General President Mark L. Pace. “We plan to use these social media accounts to share messages and content that may be helpful and inspiring to teachers, individuals, and families, as we all seek to strengthen our testimonies of Jesus Christ.

“We also hope to use these accounts to hear about and share the successes of amazing Church members throughout the world who are following President [Russell M.] Nelson’s counsel to remodel their homes into sanctuaries of faith. We commend you for creating a home-centered church-supported gospel learning experience.”

President Pace — along with his counselors, Brother Milton Camargo and Brother Jan E. Newman — published their first posts on Thursday, April 22. Each shared a little bit about themselves, pictures of their families and their testimonies of the Savior Jesus Christ. 

President Pace and his wife, Sister Anne Marie Pace, have seven children and 21 grandchildren. President Pace wrote that he enjoys watching basketball, raising chickens and hiking in the Utah mountains. He served a mission as a young man in the Spain Madrid Mission. President Pace returned to the country in 2012 to serve alongside Sister Pace as mission president and companion of the Spain Barcelona Mission.

“I know that God lives and that Jesus Christ is His Son,” President Pace wrote. “They know us and rejoice in the choices we make to draw near to Them. Reading the scriptures with ‘Come, Follow Me’ is a wonderful daily blessing. It invites the Holy Ghost into our lives, and that makes all the difference.”

Brother Camargo is from Brazil. He and his wife, Sister Patricia Camargo, have been married for more than 41 years and have lived in Brazil, Spain, Mexico and the United States. They enjoy spending time with their three children and 13 grandchildren. 

“I remember with special fondness when our youngest daughter was sealed to her husband in the Jordan River Temple in Utah in 2005,” Brother Camargo wrote. “That was the first time we gathered with our three children and their spouses in the celestial room of the temple. In that moment I could feel what it is to have an eternal family.

“I felt immensely grateful to our Savior Jesus Christ, who gave us that possibility through His atoning sacrifice. I know He lives, loves us, and wants to bless us always and forevermore if we will only accept His invitation: ‘Come, follow me’ (Luke 18:22).”

Brother Newman and his wife, Sister Lucia Newman, have six children and 12 grandchildren. After serving as a young full-time missionary in the Belgium Brussels Mission, Brother Newman attended Brigham Young University, where he studied computer science and French. He met Sister Newman while working as a student teacher in the French department. Brother Newman wrote that one of his favorite experiences was serving as the mission president of the Nebraska Omaha Mission from 2006 to 2009. 

“I look forward to interacting with you here on Facebook,” Brother Newman wrote. “I love teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and helping others come unto Him. I will do all I can to increase your faith in the Savior, His Church, and the work of salvation and exaltation.”

Below are links to the Sunday School leaders’ Facebook accounts and their Instagram handles:

Last month, members of the Young Men general presidency started Facebook and Instagram accounts. Find links to their accounts here.

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