How the Church is helping with humanitarian aid in Eastern Europe

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and others are asking what the Church is doing to help with the developing humanitarian crisis resulting in Eastern Europe from the current armed conflict and how they themselves can assist.

The Church released a statement Thursday evening, March 3:

“From the earliest hours, the Church began contacting friends and collaborating organizations in the region to assess needs and purchase food and other necessities,” said the statement, released on the Church’s Newsroom and social media platforms.

“Through decades of experience in providing assistance during natural disasters, refugee crises and other humanitarian conditions, we have developed a tested and proven model for identifying needs and providing assistance. This model includes empowering local leaders to use the Church’s financial resources to purchase goods and services in the local economy to provide what is truly needed.

"Following this pattern, the Europe Area Presidency is working with the Church headquarters teams to identify and address needs. Relief supplies — including sleeping bags, cots and tents — are being delivered to local government agencies, the Red Cross and other NGOs who are attending to Ukrainian refugees arriving in bordering countries. Additional aid is being organized.”

The statement continues: “Church members and friends have also been invited to fast and pray for those so deeply impacted. More will be shared about their efforts in the coming days and weeks. 

"Church members around the world have inquired about how to help or contribute. We invite them to do so through the Church’s Humanitarian Aid Fund, which will be used to address this and other crises.”

Read more: First Presidency issues statement on armed conflict

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