Africa, Philippines lead Church growth over past 10 years

From 2011 to 2021, the highest growth rates in Church membership occurred in Africa and the Philippines.

The Church overall grew from 14.13 million members in 2011 to 16.81 million in 2021, for an 18.92% increase.

Chart showing percentage of Church membership increase from 2011 to 2021, by continent or region
Growth in Church membership in past 10 years, by region | Aaron Thorup, for the Church News

The number of members in Africa more than doubled during the 10 years; the Philippines, Central America, Brazil and Pacific Islands had increases of more than 25%.

In raw numbers, the regions with the largest increases in Church membership were the United States, 618,437; Spanish-speaking countries in South America, 455,269; Africa, 403,976; Brazil, 317,498; and the Philippines, 187,269.

2011 statistics are from the 2012 Church Almanac; 2021 statistics are posted on

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