Leaders called for 3 new stakes and 5 reorganized stakes — from Argentina to Zanesville, Ohio

New stakes

A new stake has been created from the Luputa Democratic Republic of the Congo Stake. The Kabusanga Democratic Republic of the Congo Stake, which consists of the Contoniere, Kabusanga 1st, Kabusanga 2nd, Luputa 1st and Mukukuyi wards, was created by Elder Joseph W. Sitati, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Pungwe S. Kongolo, an Area Seventy.

KABUSANGA DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO STAKE: (Dec. 5, 2021) President — Bukasa Donatien Yamba, 34, liberal engineer; wife, Célestine Malu Kabangu. Counselors — Breloc Tshibadi-Matambu, 53, self-employed; wife, Francine Ngalula Mbuyamba. Kazadi Jean Marie Tshianga, 52, Institut Muana Ibidi professor; wife, Ilunga Chouchou Tshinuishi.

A new stake has been created from the Coeur d’Alene Idaho and Hayden Lake Idaho stakes. The Post Falls Idaho Stake, which consists of the Plummer Branch and Lakeland 1st, Lakeland 2nd, Pleasant View, Prairie Falls, Timberlake and White Pines wards, was created by Elder Mark A. Bragg, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Siegfried A. Naumann, an Area Seventy.

POST FALLS IDAHO STAKE: (Feb. 20, 2022) President — Bradley Scott Moss, 41, Active Travel marketing owner and founder; wife, Jeanne Sharee Demars Moss. Counselors — Travis Lee Roth, 49, ALK senior director of operations and development; wife, Kimberli Wilson Roth. James Timothy Bastedo Jr., 43, Northland Plumbing owner; wife, Sara Suzanne Knudson Bastedo.

A new stake has been created from the Akron Ohio, Columbus Ohio East and Columbus Ohio South stakes. The Zanesville Ohio Stake, which consists of the Cambridge and Coshocton branches and the Athens, Lancaster, New Philadelphia, Newark and Zanesville wards, was created by Elder Jeremy R. Jaggi, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Kevin W. Birch, an Area Seventy.

ZANESVILLE OHIO STAKE: (March 6, 2022) President — Craig Murray Bell, 58, Ripple Rock Fish Farms LLC self-employed; wife, Traci Lynne Stirling Bell. Counselors — Mark Edward Brown, 63, Purple Innovation vice president of human resources; wife, Michele Marie Wolford Brown. Timothy Alan McKnight, 61, Trinity Hospital Twin City family physician; wife, Karen Fay McNutt McKnight.

Reorganized stakes

BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA EAST STAKE: (March 6, 2022) President — Jacob William Pollock, 42, Kern Medical accountant; succeeding R. Brian Taylor; wife, Laura Suzette Estill Pollock. Counselors — Richard Keith Mayberry, 61, Kern High School District teacher and coach; wife, Miriam Virginia Arellano Mayberry. Brett Alan Wight, 54, Air Force Research Laboratory research chemist; wife, Sandra Diane Evans Wight.

BARINAS VENEZUELA STAKE: (March 6, 2022) President — Jose Angel Palma Plaza, 54, Ministry of Education teacher; succeeding Euvel Rodriguez Rodriguez; wife, Maribel Josefina de Palma Querales. Counselors — Saulo Alberto Avila Villamizar, 32, Company Products and Supplies AG CA president; wife, Claudia Juliveth Gonzalez Florez. Jesus Eduardo Frias Toro, 61, Maquinarias MC CA agricultural adviser; wife, Yuri Elena Arias de Frias.

SALT LAKE JORDAN NORTH STAKE: (March 13, 2022) President — Erich Benjamin Fleischel, 45, UFirst Credit Union branch operations manager; succeeding Michael L. Higginson; wife, Julie Ann Deppe Fleischel. Counselors — Joshua James Tidwell, 43, Plumbing Excellence Inc. president; wife, Tori Forsyth Tidwell. Scott Laurence Harmon, 46, Utah Housing Corporation housing program manager and Harmon Real Estate Inc. owner and broker; wife, Jane Marie Miles Harmon.

SALT LAKE ENSIGN STAKE: (March 6, 2022) President — Seth Peter Andrews, 42, Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital director; succeeding Lew W. Cramer; wife, Brooke Johnson Andrews. Counselors — Rickey van den Dungen Bille, 55, TEC Electric vice president; wife, Jennifer Lee Miller van den Dungen Bille. James Neil Freeman, 63, FamilySearch software engineer; wife, Elizabeth Anne Harder Freeman.

SAN JUAN ARGENTINA CHIMBAS STAKE: (March 20, 2022) President — Leonel Federico Romeu, 32, Banco San Juan SA continuous improvement corporate analyst; succeeding Mauricio I. Zanni; wife, Andrea Zanni Ruiz. Counselors — Martin Exequiel Colombo Rodriguez, 37, Cofeco SRL production warehouse manager; wife, Cynthia Yamila Colombo. Sergio Andres Cortez, 31, Zanni Furnishings specialized officer; wife, Aylen Marianela Moyano.

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