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A meetinghouse in North Salt Lake, Utah. Credit: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
A meetinghouse in Provo, Utah. Credit: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA CONGRESO STAKE: (March 20, 2022) President — Gabriel Natalio Valle, 45, AySA medical department head and Ugofe staff physician; wife, Edit Alfonsina Valle. Counselors — Remberto Hernandez Perez, 52, private medical practice physician; wife, Claudia Isabel Hernandez Perez. Joan Mario Flores Martínez, 31, IBM data engineer.

CAPIATÁ PARAGUAY STAKE: (March 13, 2022) President — Jorge Luis Noguera Aquino, 31, Banco Itaú Paraguay financial risk analyst; succeeding Sergio R. Nuñez Delgado; wife, Vivian Noemi Rojas Aponte. Counselors — Ever Gabriel Fernandez Caballero, 36, Cooperativa Medalla Milagrosa section chief; wife, Liz Rossana Godoy Romero. Gustavo Adolfo Vera Ruiz, 30, Social Welfare Institute bachelor of nursing; wife, Ornella Giuliana Pagliaro.

CUERNAVACA MÉXICO STAKE: (March 13, 2022) President — Jorge Alberto Peralta Trejo, 43, HSBC Bank systems manager; succeeding Oskar Munguia; wife, Liz Beyrut de Peralta Landa. Counselors — Eucario Misael Lopez Calvillo, 42, Glorieta La Luna Service management assistant; wife, Alda Verenice López Ortiz. Joaquin Anselmo Aguirre Holguin, 58, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints property manager; wife, Carla Liliana de Aguirre Román.

LAYTON UTAH CREEKSIDE STAKE: (April 10, 2022) President — Justin Goff Bitner, 51, Sterling Financial Group partner; succeeding Steven J. Bernards; wife, Celeste Parkinson Bitner. Counselors — Eli Justin Willis, 49, iCFO LLC owner; wife, Stacy Lynn Hadley Willis. John August Valletta, 45, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion associate director of the Weber Institute of Religion; wife, Melodee Ann Prows Valletta.

LUQUE PARAGUAY STAKE: (Feb. 20, 2022) President — Santiago Daniel Tate Silveira, 40, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints property administrator; succeeding Cesar R. Hermosilla Reyes; wife, Maria Veronica Viera Melo. Counselors — Nelson Javier Baez León, 47, Beehive Paraguay production assistant; wife, Fabiola Elizabeth Baez. Cesar Blas Miranda Gonzalez, 60, entrepreneur; wife, Ramona Ada Miranda.

MCCAMMON IDAHO STAKE: (March 27, 2022) President — Ryan Nathan Cupp, 39, Idaho Central Credit Union construction operations manager; succeeding R. Lance Marshall; wife, Kara Rachel Packham Cupp. Counselors — Ray Cornell Babcock, 56, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints system architect; wife, Mary Myrell Elwood Babcock. Boyd Kent Murdock, 51, JR Simplot maintenance mechanic; wife, Nichole Michelle Wolfe Murdock.

MURRAY UTAH STAKE: (March 27, 2022) President — Keith Jared Larson, 48, Bowen Collins & Associates water resource engineer; succeeding Keven R. Harsh; wife, Cheree Jan Webb Larson. Counselors — David Lee Harris, 55, DLH Fitness Inc. president; wife, Linda Jane Jensen Harris. Lloyd Rushforth Jones, 57, Farmers Insurance managing attorney; wife, Sherry Kerns Jones.

NEW YORK NEW YORK YSA STAKE: (March 27, 2022) President — Yoshiya Yamada, 58, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center attending radiation oncologist; succeeding Joel R. Wiest; wife, Susan Sigrid Cranney Yamada. Counselors — Corey Robert Chivers, 56, Weil, Gotshal & Manges partner; wife, Vanessa Ann Pollard Chivers. Jason Christopher Bond, 39, Ernst & Young LLP partner.

OLANCHITO HONDURAS STAKE: (March 6, 2022) President — Oscar Adolfo Campos Hernandez, 38, dental clinic head; succeeding José N. López Andino; wife, Rosa Maria Muñoz de Campos. Counselors — Fredy Ramon Duran Almendares, 50, Memorias Amor Eterno sales executive; wife, Ericka Yorleny Najera Acosta. Douglas Edgardo Ramirez Ayala, 53, Minister of Education teacher and workshop assistant; wife, Nelda Irina Nuñez Mejia de Ramirez.

PROVO UTAH YSA 2ND STAKE: (March 27, 2022) President — Mark Clinton Doyle, 49, Formative partner and owner; succeeding Brett P. Thomas; wife, Jennifer Lee Darby Doyle. Counselors — Gregory Fitzgerald Barry, 52, Imagine Learning area manager; wife, Renee Linette Hansen Barry. Steven Merrill Sandberg, 46, Brigham Young University general counsel; wife, Barbara Tanner Sandberg.

SAN FERNANDO CALIFORNIA STAKE (SPANISH): (March 27, 2022) President — Marco Antonio Albarracin Gonzalez, 52, Los Angeles California Temple supervisor; succeeding Luis A. Alas; wife, Lorena Patricia Albartracin Suazo. Counselors — Hugo Hernandez, 56, Ramada Plaza WH concierge; wife, Aura Janeth Hernandez. Nefi Manriquez Salas, 42, Car Search USA painter; wife, Sandra Manriquez Betancourt.

SCOTTSDALE ARIZONA NORTH STAKE: (March 6, 2022) President — Kiem An Ho, 51, Moonshot 11 CEO; succeeding Keith J. Cannon; wife, Caroline Hewett Ho. Counselors — Timothy Sean Patterson, 57, self-employed; wife, Piper Smith Patterson. Jason Rolfe Kerr, 50, Southwest Medical Imaging/Radiology Partners interventional radiologist; wife, Kristen Kay Sybrowsky Kerr.

TAPACHULA MÉXICO STAKE: (March 13, 2022) President — Pedro Escobar Paz, 49, Secretary of Education group teacher; succeeding Jose J. Figueroa Espinosa; wife, Natividad de Escobar Matus. Counselors — Israel Arellano Diaz, 38, Secretary of Public Education teacher; wife, Xochitl Janeth Jimenez Gutierrez. Orbelin Espinosa Gomez, 51, Universidad Autonoma de Chiapas computer center manager and Llantero del Sureste Center owner; wife, Esperanza Veronica De Espinosa Abadia.

TOMBALL TEXAS STAKE: (March 27, 2022) President — Jason Bryce Beckstead, 49, Quick Quack Carwash regional dev partner and Care Gear Manufacturing LLC owner and director; succeeding Samuel G. Bikman; wife, Jennifer Johnson Beckstead. Counselors — Paul Kendall Gifford, 42, Citation Oil & Gas Corp. petroleum geologist; wife, Shelley Lynn Jones Gifford. Brian Jacob Conley, 38, Food and Ankle Specialists of The Woodlands podiatrist; wife, Kira Anne Kunz Conley.

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