These 35 new stake presidents were called to serve around the world — read about them here

New stakes

A new stake has been created from the Akamkpa Nigeria District. The Akamkpa Nigeria Stake, which consists of the Akamkpa and Mbarakom branches and the Akamkpa Urban, Awi, Ayeabam, Ikami, Iwuru Central and Uyanga wards, was created by Elder Larry S. Kacher, General Authority Seventy, and Elder I. Raymond Egbo, an Area Seventy.

AKAMKPA NIGERIA STAKE: (June 12, 2022) President — Ambrose Mbia Bawan, 38, Cross River College of Education lecturer; wife, Jennifer Ezinne Onuoha Mbia Bawan. Counselors — Egbebe Udo-Akpan Thank, 40, self-employed manager; wife, Immaculata Edem Umoh Thank. Edward Lahai Kalih, 37, self-employed; wife, Janet Mbeh Oyama Edward Kalih.

A new stake has been created from the Ohafia Nigeria District. The Ohafia Nigeria Stake, which consists of the Asaga Ohafia 1st and Edda branches and the Abiriba, Akanu, Amuma, Asaga Ohafia 2nd, Ebem and Isiama wards, was created by Elder Jörg Klebingat, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Solomon I. Aliche, an Area Seventy.

OHAFIA NIGERIA STAKE: (May 29, 2022) President — Mba Ukeju, 50, Mb-Majus Global Concept Ltd. executive director; wife, Nkechi Mba Nmagu Ukeju. Counselors — Aso Oburu, 43, Ministry of Education Umuahia Abia State assistant education officer; wife, Akuma Eziyi Achama Anyorie. Godwin Eme, 26, self-employed chef; wife, Queeneth Essang Nkoro Eme.

A new stake has been created from the St George Utah Bloomington Hills Stake. The St George Utah Hidden Valley Stake, which consists of the Bloomington Hills 5th, Desert Hills, Hidden Valley, Highland Hills, Parkway, Price Hills and White Sage wards, was created by Elder LeGrand R. Curtis Jr., General Authority Seventy, and Elder Vance K. Smith, an Area Seventy.

ST GEORGE UTAH HIDDEN VALLEY STAKE: (May 1, 2022) President — Randall James McCook, 46, McCook Sales Inc. sales representative; wife, Kathleen Michelle Carrillo McCook. Counselors — Kenneth Troy Hall, 54, Southern Utah University Business School associate dean and Whiebridge Pet Brands board member and investor; wife, Dianna McConkie Hall. Kenley Earl Brinkerhoff, 53, Intermountain Healthcare IT director; wife, Amy Vowles Brinkerhoff.

A new stake has been created from the Orem Utah Vineyard Stake. The Vineyard Utah Springwater Stake, which consists of the Geneva (Care Center) Branch and the Springwater 1st, Springwater 2nd, Springwater 3rd (Spanish), Springwater 4th, Springwater 5th, Springwater 6th, Springwater 7th, Springwater 8th and Springwater 9th wards, was created by Elder Arnulfo Valenzuela, General Authority Seventy, and Elder K. Bruce Boucher, an Area Seventy.

VINEYARD UTAH SPRINGWATER STAKE: (May 22, 2022) President — Shane Creighton Kalanikiekie Kaopua, 50, Capital Premium Financing senior agency relations manager; wife, Nedra Darline Perez Kaopua. Counselors — Brent Jay Wiscombe, 57, Liberty Press production manager; wife, Emily Karen Thorn Wiscombe. Nathan Brad Crane, 48, Brigham Young University professor; wife, Rachel Spencer Crane.

Reorganized stakes

ABA NIGERIA NORTH STAKE: (May 15, 2022) President — Sunny Kalu Ibe, 47, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints facilities manager; succeeding Justice N. Otuonye; wife, Chibuzor Janet Nwoke Agwu Sunny Ibe. Counselors — Boyce-Loveday Uchechukwu Nwankpa, 41, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints project manager; wife, Cherechi Ihesiene Boyce-Loveday Nwankpa. Augustine Ndubuisi Mbonu, 39, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints buyer; wife Comfort Ema Monday Mbonu.

ACCRA GHANA LATERBIOKORSHIE STAKE: (May 15, 2022) President — Seth Frimpong Kwasi Adjei, 36, Ghana Health Service public health specialist; succeeding Ignatius K. Baidoo; wife, Gloria Adwoa Dadzie Adjei. Counselors — Charles Kwablah Akorligleh, 48, Welfare and Self-Reliance manager; wife, Cynthia Buerkuor Larweh Akorligleh. Maxwell Acheampong, 44, University of Education Winneba lecturer; wife, Agyeiwaa Abigail Opoku Acheampong.

ALPINE UTAH NORTH STAKE: (June 5, 2022) President — Grant Garrard Beckwith, 48, American Heritage School head of school; succeeding Gregory A. Henderson; wife, Candice Zirkle Beckwith. Counselors — Robert McKell Bowen, 69, Brighton Bank president and CEO; wife, Cathie Condie Bowen. Weston Eugene Spencer, 49, Alpine Pediatrics pediatrician; wife, Emily Sarah Clark Spencer.

AMMON IDAHO STAKE: (April 17, 2022) President — Steven Scott Bond, 58, Rudd & Company PLLC partner and owner; succeeding D. Randall Hurley; wife, Holly Ann Whittle Bond. Counselors — Phares Briggs Horman, 59, self-employed physical therapist; wife, Wendy Stokes Horman. Randy Dean Collins, 50, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints temple recorder; wife, Stephanie Dahl Collins.

BLACKFOOT IDAHO STAKE: (May 15, 2022) President — Dan Earl Robinson, 48, Bingham Memorial Hospital foot and ankle surgeon; succeeding William J. Sponenburgh; wife, Brigit Summers Robinson. Counselors — Russell Nelson Lee, 48, Battelle Energy Alliance quality engineer; wife, Marsha LaNae Neff Lee. Cory James Martin, 46, Outrack Services Inc. CEO; wife, Tiffany Brook Lilya Martin.

BLACKSTONE VALLEY MASSACHUSETTS STAKE: (April 24, 2022) President — Stephen Scott Sofoul, 49, Benefits Science CEO; succeeding Scott N. Taylor; wife, Christine Bell Sofoul. Counselors — Andrew Timothy Campbell, 44, MathWorks senior software engineering manager; wife, Erin Burch Campbell. Aaron Hill Hutchins, 50, Eden Rafferty attorney; wife, Rachael Rose Litfin Hutchins.

COLUMBUS OHIO SOUTH STAKE: (May 15, 2022) President — Matthew Wynn Barclay, 51, Franklin University faculty; succeeding Gary D. Madden; wife, Virginia Jennifer Dalziel Barclay. Counselors — James Groberg Blair, 52, Fusion Ed CEO; wife, Traci Hall Blair. David Spencer Boss, 43, Ohio University College of Business director of Brazil executive education programs, associate professor of strategy and entrepreneurship, and Nandola endowed professor of business, and Organization Research and Development Associates executive vice president; wife, Chelsea Yara Adams Boss.

EAGLE MOUNTAIN UTAH EAST STAKE: (April 10, 2022) President — Taner Sá Maia, 45, CHG Healthcare scrum master, project manager and product manager; succeeding J. Ryan McMurtrey; wife, Karine Paim Silva Maia. Counselors — Nicholas Andrew Davis, 33, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion seminary instructor; wife, Danielle Doutre Davis. John Robert Gray, 41, Glacier Capital LLC vice president of operations and development; wife, Jo-Ann Marie Edgin Gray.

FOREST GROVE OREGON STAKE: (May 15, 2022) President — Andrew Spencer Nelson, 46, Intel M&A integration program manager; succeeding Randall A. Brown; wife, Mara Hendricks Nelson. Counselors — Kerry Mikal Nelson, 50, Intel Corporation engineering director; wife, Christy Kay Jensen Nelson. Marvin Duane Pratt, 65, Caring Places Mangement CEO; wife, Dawn Duke Pratt.

GARLAND UTAH STAKE: (April 24, 2022) President — Ryan Dee Olsen, 51, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion seminary instructor; succeeding Brent O. Deakin; wife, Brenda Ruth Eames Olsen. Counselors — Darwin Hill Thompson, 64, Golden Spike Electric owner; wife, Laurie Griffin Thompson. Kerry U Kunzler, 52, self-employed business owner; wife, Racheale Hupp Kunzler.

HERRIMAN UTAH MOUNTAIN VIEW STAKE: (May 22, 2022) President — Quinn Landon Kunz, 50, CA Engineering vice president of engineering; succeeding Michael J. Peterson; wife, Rona Edwards Kunz. Counselors — Steven Scott Merrill, 58, self-employed business owner; wife, Kris Nielsen Merrill. Andrew Todd Bracken, 46, Salt Lake Community College and University of Utah adjunct faculty, and Intermountain Healthcare occupational therapist; wife, Deborah Ann Page Bracken.

IKOT AKPADEN NIGERIA STAKE: (May 8, 2022) President — Usenobong Ekpedeme Nathaniel, 32, Unique Model International High School science teacher and Usencejames Enterpries managing director; succeeding Anietie Timothy Essien; wife, Cecilia Usenobong Uko Nathaniel. Counselors — Samuel Daniel Tom Usen, 38, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints handyman; wife, Abigail Samuel Bede Daniel. Ifiok Udofot Umoren, 39, Akwa Ibom State Government, Nigeria, subject teacher and compound master; wife, Victoria Essien Udofia Ifiok Umoren.

KANANGA DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO STAKE: (April 24, 2022) President — Mulamba Donatien Makolo, 47, university assistant; succeeding Alphonse Tshipangu Katende; wife, Ntambue Kelly Kanku. Counselors — Mufuta Clement Kande, 26, Protestant School teacher; wife, BenaLuabu Godelive Mufuta. Kanyinda Norbert Kanyinda, 33, Kananga University teacher; wife, Agnes Luebe Dikebele.

KATOKA DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO STAKE: (April 24, 2022) President — Martin Muebejayi Muamba, 32, Chartered Accountant LIPO François accountant and Cumorah Multi-Service Establishments manager; succeeding François N. Ngindu; wife, Ilunga Marie Jeanne Ntumba Muebejayi. Counselors — Muamba Clement Bukasa, 43, Congolese State inspector; wife, Muamba Agnes Lusamba. Kasonga Marcel-Richard Muanza, 34, Social Fund of the Republic in Partnership with the World Bank consultant team leader; wife, Kasonga Josline Tshilemba.

LEHI UTAH JORDAN WILLOWS STAKE: (April 10, 2022) President — Ryan Val Peterson, 48, MVTC controller; succeeding Justin I. Withers; wife, Elizabeth Allred Peterson. Counselors — Brandon Michael Jones, 40, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion seminary principal; wife, Jodi Patricia Patterson Jones. Jason Merril Nelson, 49, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Family Services manager of administration; wife, Heather Jewel Larsen Nelson.

LEHI UTAH NORTH STAKE: (April 24, 2022) President — Christopher James Callister, 44, Ebay senior director of customer risk operations;succeeding R. Kendall Lyman; wife, Jill Nicole Critchlow Callister. Counselors — Robert James Murphy, 52, self-employed business owner; wife, Natasha Winn Murphy. Jeffrey Kent Labrum, 52, The Straker Group general manager USA; wife, Shelynne Adamson Labrum.

LILBURN GEORGIA STAKE: (May 15, 2022) President — Winston Lloyd Samuels Jr., 46, Northside Hospital/Gwinnett Family Medical Care family physician; succeeding Thomas J. Frost; wife, Karem Stephanny Echeverria Samuels. Counselors — Matthew Steven Hammond, 49, Trellix director of consulting; wife, Rachel Mecham Hammond. Richard Wallace Klomp, 66, CDC behavioral scientist; wife, Pamela Sue Cook Klomp.

LUANDA ANGOLA STAKE: (May 1, 2022) President — Nuno Alves da Fonseca Campos, 35, Aliança Seguros IT director; succeeding Isidro L. Baptista; wife, Jéssica Teresa Firmino Coelho Campos. Counselors — Pedro Filomeno Nascimento, 56, GOE department boss; wife, Marcela Gaspar Mendes da Costa Nascimento. Darryl Mackenzie dos Santos Nequetela, 39, Kubinga CEO and National Bank of Angola senior consultant; wife, Tatiana Sofia Faria Dantas Nequetela.

MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA HEIDELBERG STAKE: (May 15, 2022) President — Richard Donald McLean, 60, financial planner; succeeding J. Ashley Parton; wife, Janelle Merle Woodford McLean. Counselors — Simon Leslie Corps, 45, Michael Weinig Australia service engineer; wife, Lousia Jane Linford. Eric Talosaga Lemalu, 38, IQ Group senior business analyst; wife, Rosalinda Mercedes Martinez Lemalu.

MESA ARIZONA LEHI STAKE: (April 17, 2022) President — Stephen Poelman Pothier, 40, Westbay Global president; succeeding Clark R. Richter; wife, Kara Sue Oxnam Pothier. Counselors — Jeffrey Anderson Dana, 54, Prolean Wellness LLC owner; wife, Celeste Flake Dana. Matthew Roger Henriksen, 43, Vanta Global chief legal and compliance officer; wife, Rebecca Susan Morley Henriksen.

MINERSVILLE UTAH STAKE: (May 22, 2022) President — Shay Dan Goff, 51, Minersville Irrigation Company and Rocky Ford Irrigation Company water master, Beaver County School District teacher, and farmer; succeeding Michael R. Swanson; wife, Patty Rae Crane Goff. Counselors — Nathan William Campbell, 46, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion seminary principal and teacher; wife, Brooke Hansen Campbell. Steven W Kerksiek, 44, self-employed; wife, Cerrah Nicole Cummings Kersiek.

MPINSTIN GHANA STAKE: (April 24, 2022) President — Kwesi Wisdom Tetteh, 42, Quality Systems Ltd. operations manager; succeeding Peter Tettehh Dzikpe; wife, Philomina Ghamli Tetteh. Counselors — Philip Adams, 33, Takoradi International Company estate maintenance supervisor; wife, Deborah Sarpong Adams. Livingstone Quarshie, 32, Twin City Energy plant and envionmental chemist; wife, Grace Akosua Quaicoe Quarshie.

NKULUMANE ZIMBABWE STAKE: (May 1, 2022) President — Fortunate Chitiyo, 40, Le Sel Brands Pvt. Ltd. southern region manager; succeeding Lazarus Chigede; wife, Natasha Barbra Mutale Chitiyo. Counselors — Progress Munyariri, 34, self-employed computer support specialist; wife, Nomvuyo Glady Adonis Munyariri. Nathan Kudakwashe Chigede, 37, African Rail Company Pft. Ltd. head of operations; wife, Potia Mutototwa Chigede.

NORWICH ENGLAND STAKE: (May 1, 2022) President — Peter David Charles Weston, 48, National Deaf Childrens’ Society head of advice and guidance; succeeding Nuno Miguel Corte-Real; wife, Diane Gough Weston. Counselors — Simon Paul Leslie, 46, self-employed company director; wife, Kirsty Marie Patricia Edwardes Leslie. Jonathan Jun Shong Sim, 37, Resolute Developments Ltd. and Prestania Properties Ltd company director; wife, Natalie Deborah Jude Sim.

PORT OF SPAIN TRINIDAD STAKE: (May 1, 2022) President — Christopher Theophilus Danzell, 41, Keiros Ltd. administrative assistant; succeeding Michael A. Rupa; wife, Akeisha LaDonna Byng Danzell. Counselors — Royce Philip Britton, 39, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion coordinator; wife, Trudy-Ann Kellie Lobban Britton. Ryan Adam Ramdhanie, 29,  Caribbean Bottlers Ltd. purchasing officer; wife, Danielle Anther Gonzales-Babb Ramdhanie.

SALT LAKE GRANGER SOUTH STAKE: (April 17, 2022) President — Scott John Francom, 43, L3Harris Technologies electrical engineer; succeeding Michael F. Brumble; wife, Melissa Emery Francom. Counselors — Kim J Stevens, 60, United Healthcare analyst; wife, Lanta La Von Pottle Stevens. James Daniel Turley, 62, retired; wife, Merrilee Sue Ferrin Turley.

SAN JUAN PUERTO RICO STAKE: (May 1, 2022) President — Pierre Luigi González Pérez, 29, Windmar Home Energy sales consultant; succeeding Wilfred Rosa Quiles; wife, Koral Alverio Martinez. Counselors — Analdy Guillermo Vega, 48, William’s Pizza owner; wife, Minnieli Alvarez Vega. Josué Tores Pagán, 34, Eaton senior product line engineer; wife, Marla Cristina de Ayala Hillman.

ST GEORGE UTAH BLOOMINGTON HILLS STAKE: (May 1, 2022) President — Beau Brandon Barney, 44, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion seminary instructor; succeeding Gilbert M. Almquist; wife, Jennifer Lucinda Campbell Barney. Counselors — John Edward Gerth, 61, Scholzen Products sales; wife, Julie Ann Syndergaard Gerth. Shane Thadeous Bringhurst, 58, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion teacher; wife, Alaina Jessee Bringhurst.

TEMA GHANA STAKE: (May 1, 2022) President — Stephen Apeaning Abu Jr., 49, Kaeme Foundation board chair and country director, and African Distribution Associates, Abu & McConkie Investments Ltd. and African Heavy Machinery Services founder; succeeding Isaac K. Abankwa; wife, Sonya Howlett Abu. Counselors — Delvyn Fred Sandison, 43, Fidelity Bank Ghana Ltd. regional manager; wife, Linda Adjoa Brew Sandison. Dennis Appiah Kubi, 40, management control auditor; wife, Phyllis Bynn-Cudjoe Appiah Kubi.

WASHINGTON UTAH BUENA VISTA STAKE: (May 22, 2022) President — Michael Todd Victor, 50, self-employed business owner; succeeding Wayne H Dudley; wife, Stephanie Jill Wilkins Victor. Counselors — Travis Joel Parry, 48, LINX Commercial Real Estate partner and principal broker; wife, Ralynne Stimpson Parry. James Gregory Hardman, 52, Snow Jensen & Reece P.C. shareholder; wife, Jill Thurston Hardman.

WEST JORDAN UTAH COPPER HILLS STAKE: (April 24, 2022) President — Robert Douglas Hokanson, 52, Welfare and Self-Reliance Services senior manager; succeeding Derek D. Bohne; wife, Rachel Call Hokanson. Counselors — Bruce Vernon Dent, 52, Intermountain Healthcare HR director; wife, Kristen Dursteler Dent. Dana Olivier Williams, 53, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion seminary principal; wife, Jennifer Finlayson Williams.

WEST JORDAN UTAH WESTBROOK STAKE: (April 10, 2022) President — Rex Lee Prescott, 51, Jordan School District school psychologist; succeeding Paul J. Starkie; wife, Kristin Lloyd Prescott. Counselors — Tyler Garrett Burnett, 43, Deseret Trust Company trust officer; wife, LeeAnn Terry Burnett. Kirk Steven Walton, 44, Savage Services project engineer; wife, Melena Anne Erekson Walton.

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