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Meet Elder McKendry: Getting to know one of Australia’s first service missionaries

Elder McKendry is using his talents and time to serve as one of the first service missionaries in his home of Australia

Elder Domonic McKendry is a service missionary from Ballarat, Australia, who loves his calling, as reported on by the Church’s Australia Newsroom,

One of the first young service missionaries in his South Pacific country, the 23-year-old said, “Our purpose is to help others come to Christ by serving them as the Savior did.”


Elder Domonic McKendry serves in the Australia Melbourne Service Mission Area.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

A service mission provides an opportunity for those unable to serve proselyting missions to do so, living from home with circumstances customized to suit their needs while serving as close to full time as they are able.

Elder McKendry is 11 of 13 children in his blended family and has wanted to serve in the capacity since he was Primary-age. Born blue, with abnormally low amounts of oxygen in his bloodstream to due to complications with the umbilical cord, the elder credits his fortune to the Savior.

“He’s helped me my whole life; He’s never let me down,” said Elder McKendry of Jesus Christ. Even with a learning disability, Elder McKendry has found that whether he has received immediate help or had to deal with things himself, he considers Christ his colleague and friend.


Elder Domonic McKendry serves in the Australia Melbourne Service Mission Area.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Elder McKendry currently serves as the mission district leader, gaining leadership qualities and friendships with his optimistic attitude. He said he tries to be energetic about the work for others, as he is what his mission president calls a pioneer for the program, with it being new to Australia. He is one of 12 such service missionaries assigned and serving in the Australia Melbourne Service Mission Area.

Elder Gavin Berry and Sister Yvonne Berry assist in teaching others what service missionaries do and how they help others, throughout the mission area. “Some of Elder McKendry’s strengths are his enthusiasm for learning new things, and helping people,” said the couple.

The missionary serves in a variety of ways including cooking, gardening, temple ordinance work, indexing and volunteering at the local family history center and charities. He encourages others deciding to serve missions to not be scared, but rather be open and rely on Jesus Christ’s love.

Of the Savior, Elder McKendry said, “He’s my best friend. In life we have challenges, and He’s always been there to help lift me up and make me feel like I can do my best job. I know He’s got me here for important reasons.”

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