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President Ballard tweeted why all should “Strive to keep the Holy Ghost as your constant companion, even during dark times.”

President Johnson expresses love for her family, and Elder Bednar says “thoughts and actions align with the things that matter most” when covenants are honored.

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President Cordon also tells why the scriptures are full of life hacks, and Elder Uchtdorf shares a message to all parents.

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Elder Andersen writes about his time at the MTC saying, “Becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ is more than just learning about Him.”

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Elder Rasband ministered in France and Armenia, and Sister Craig teaches of “the peace that [Christ] wants to give.”

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Church leaders shared thoughts about Easter, the Savior and His gospel.

In social media posts, President Oaks says all mankind may be resurrected, and President Eyring says, “Jesus is the risen Christ.”

President Nelson encourages compassion toward others and President Johnson shares about having faith in Jesus Christ.

President Porter looks forward to general conference to ‘absorb the messages that a loving Heavenly Father has for [her]’

“There’s a sense of being home in the Lord’s Church, because you’re going to find the same music,” says former MTC, institute choir director Ryan Eggett.

Elder Stevenson tweeted admiration for Muslims and their dedication to God and Sister Craig stated, “No one is going to be offended by you being nice.”

President Camille N. Johnson shares about participating in a community baby shower, and President Porter posts about honoring baptismal covenants

After studying the scriptural phrase “firmness of mind” and asking for others’ insights, Elder Bednar shared 10 of those responses.

Justin G. Thomas taught that in family history research, there is purpose behind each person.

Elder Christofferson tweeted about focusing on Christ, President Ballard on having “confidence in our futures,” and Elder Uchtdorf on how mistakes can help people become better through the Atonement.

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Sister Craven says rest is needed “to listen to the Spirit, to gather in peace and to feel energized and happy.”

Morgan Jones Pearson reflected on the triumphs and trials she’s faced, recognizing how Heavenly Father was with her all along.