Learn about these 4 new, 14 reorganized stakes — from Taylorsville to Tonga

Notices of new and reorganized stakes from around the world

New stakes

A new stake has been created from the Guayaquil Ecuador Kennedy and Guayaquil Ecuador Las Orquideas stakes. The Guayaquil Ecuador Alborada Stake, which consists of the Francisco de Orellana, Guayacanes, Isidro Ayora, José María Egas and Los Sauces wards, was created by Elder Jorge T. Becerra, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Enrique R. Mayorga, an Area Seventy.

GUAYAQUIL ECUADOR ALBORADA STAKE: (Feb. 26, 2023) President — Aldo Fabricio Casal Lipari, 39, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion coordinator; wife, Nelly Rebeca Pintado de Casal. Counselors — Wilson George Gonzalez Game, 42, Jaspharm Corp. salesperson; wife, Marianela Janet Zeas de Gonzalez. Carlos Guillermo Cuesta Merelo, 50, industrial engineer; wife, Patricia Carola Vásquez de Cuesta.

A new stake has been created from the Nairobi Kenya East and Nairobi Kenya West stakes. The Nairobi Kenya South Stake, which consists of the Athi River 2nd, Mlolongo and Ruai branches and the Athi River 1st, Kitengela, Nairobi 1st, Nairobi 2nd and South B wards, was created by Elder Matthew L. Carpenter, General Authority Seventy; and Elder Willy Binene, an Area Seventy.

NAIROBI KENYA SOUTH STAKE: (March 5, 2023) President — Fredrick B. Shamola, 44, MLU supervisor; wife, Irene Wesonga Luchuku Shamola. Counselors — Peter Kirima Orembo, 43, Church area human resources manager; wife, Caroline Ngina Mwikya. Stephen Nzoiki Kasue, 41, Sunhil Fentures Ltd. dispatch clerk; wife, Kaleso Mercy Kyalo Nzioki.

A new stake has been created from the Ngandajika Democratic Republic of the Congo District. The Ngandajika Democratic Republic of the Congo Stake, which consists of the Kalubanda and Kasonji branches and the Kabanda, Kabidimba, Mboka, Ngandajika and Tshioji wards, was created by Elder Ian S. Ardern, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Pungwe S. Kongolo, an Area Seventy.

NGANDAJIKA DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO STAKE: (March 12, 2023) President — Ilunga Matthieu Tshibumbu, 30, Bureautique Noemat Gift employee and employment and labor service agent; wife, Tshibumbu Noella Nzeba. Counselors — Kayembe Albert Cibangu, 30, veterinarian and sector agronomist agent; wife, Philoméne Ngoya Nkongolo. Richard Kayembe Kayembe, 33, farmer; wife, Kayembe Solange Mbombo.

A new stake has been created from the Raleigh North Carolina South and Raleigh North Carolina stakes. The Wake Forest North Carolina Stake, which consists of the Creedmoor and Knightdale 2nd (Spanish) branches and the Falls Lake, Franklinton, Henderson, Knightdale 1st, Wake Forest 1st, Wake Forest 2nd and Zebulon wards, was created by Elder Matthew S. Holland, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Matthew S. Harding, an Area Seventy.

WAKE FOREST NORTH CAROLINA STAKE: (March 19, 2023) President — William Gerald Thornton Jr., 54, Bandwidth Inc. vice president of global tax; wife, Angela Lynn Jennings Thornton. Counselors — Robert Joaquin Foster, 46, optometrist; wife, Carleen Davis Foster. James Matthew Coombs, 50, Kempsville Building Materials sales director; wife, Kay Jane Lee Coombs.

Reorganized stakes

ANNAPOLIS MARYLAND STAKE: (Jan. 29, 2023) President — Preston Wade Jones, 55, SAIC cybersecurity operations senior manager; succeeding Kenneth V. Niumatlolo; wife, Lara Beth Peterson Jones. Counselors — Rodolfo Valentin Beltran Suxo, 53, Brivo senior manager; wife, Patricia Hurtado Ardaya Beltran. Troy Wade Corbett, 54, Department of Defense business financial manager; wife, Tania Renee Brown Corbett.

BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA STAKE: (March 26, 2023) President — Merrill Neuteboom Dibble, 48, Renewable Resources Group managing director; succeeding Gary F. Carter; wife, Kellie Blake Dibble. Counselors — Jeffrey Day Scott Pruett, 51, Aera Energy LLC senior engineer; wife, Bevis Delene Williams Pruett. Spencer Neil Birch, 46, South Valley Farms general manager; wife, Michelle Catherine Bates Birch.

BUENA VISTA VIRGINIA STAKE: (March 26, 2023) President — Michael Jared Huntsman, 55, certified registered nurse anesthetist; succeeding Jan-Erik Jones; wife, Michele Marie Hawkes Huntsman. Counselors — William Douglas Braddy, 57, Southern Virginia University development office employee; wife, Elizabeth Turner Weaver Braddy. Evan Darrell Ownby, 47, physician; wife, Anne Colleen Cannon Ownby.

DENVER COLORADO NORTH STAKE: (March 19, 2023) President — Robert Corey Leishman, 41, Charles Stark Draper Laboratories (Draper) PNT area lead; succeeding Ronald L. Hellbusch; wife, Lisa Willardson Leishman. Counselors — Robert Fraser Whitaker, 43, Lumen Technologies Inc. senior income tax manager; wife, Lisa Gardner Whitaker. Dustin Charles Trail, 42, Carlson Associates real estate developer; wife, Jennifer Lynn Thornton Trail.

IONA IDAHO SOUTH STAKE: (Feb. 19, 2023) President — Jeffrey Lynn Wheeler, 65, retired; succeeding Gary Adna Ames; wife, Debra Bateman Wheeler. Counselors — Richard Ray Friess, 43, Bank of Commerce general counsel and compliance manager; wife, Marlyce Rawlings Friess. Nathan Arden Stevens, 43, Idaho National Laboratory program manager; wife, Roberta Jo Williams Stevens.

KANESVILLE UTAH STAKE: (March 26, 2023) President — Corey Brent Benson, 49, TEK Systems functional analyst; succeeding Steven M. Robbins; wife, Alison Deon Somerville Benson. Counselors — David Brinton Bigelow, 46, Edge Products engineer; wife, Michelle Dimond Bigelow. Russell Scott Erickson, 44, America First Credit Union quality assurance manager; wife, Tiffany Lynn Sillitoe Erickson.

LONGVIEW WASHINGTON STAKE: (March 26, 2023) President — John Edward Schmit, 61, RSG Forest Products land and timber acquisition; succeeding Rick L. Marshall; wife, Katherine Jean Hager Schmit. Counselors — JD Troy, 55, dentist; wife, Theresa Michele Rock Troy. Ross Wilhelm Kolditz, 48, Western Door and Gate CEO; wife, Baatseba Dikamotse Dixie Moatlhodi Kolditz.

MANAUS BRAZIL CIDADE NOVA STAKE: (Feb. 26, 2023) President — José Sérgio Alves Pinheiro dos Santos, 42, Chibatão Group occupational safety technician; succeeding Jose Lima Lira; wife, Isabel Cristina de Assis Santos. Counselors — Leonardo Costa Rodrigues, 52, English language professor, geography professor, and entrepreneur; wife, Fabiola Siqueira Torres Rodrigues. Vanderson da Silva Souza, 39, Novamedpharmar senior quality control analyst; wife, Luciane Arévalo Moreira Souza.

MERIDIAN IDAHO NORTH STAKE: (March 26, 2023) President — Adam Scott Maxfield, 50, radiologist; succeeding Jason R. Kotter; wife, Kasey Lyn Doescher Maxfield. Counselors — Thomas Jay Mortell, 56, Hawley Troxell Ennis & Hawley LLP co-managing partner; wife, Stephanie Ann Groberg Mortell. Benjamin Karl Hom, 46, physician; wife, Jamie L Wardell Hom.

MONROE LOUISIANA STAKE: (Feb. 26, 2023) President — Aaron Robert Clark, 47, pharmacy manager; succeeding John A. Heim; wife, Tia Rachel Michelle Hardy Clark. Counselors — Harold Windal Reeves Jr., 63, Lumen Technologies senior lead information security engineer; wife, Patricia Maria Kastanis Reeves. Robert Mangum Wallace, 56, US Army Corps of Engineers research civil engineer and technical director; wife, Sheri Lynne Peterson Wallace.

NUKU’ALOFA TONGA SOUTH STAKE: (Feb. 5, 2023) President — Poutele Fonua, 40, self employed; succeeding Naikano T. Paletu’a; wife, Salote Uikelotu Fainu Fonua. Counselors — Teisina Mata’u, 39, Pacific Timber Hardware salesperson; wife, Tu’ukaunga’imoana Vaka Mata’u. Siosiua Konifelenisi Tauelangi, 38, self-employed foreman; wife, Laukau-Ki’uiha Tauelangi.

OGDEN UTAH WEBER HEIGHTS STAKE: (March 19, 2023) President — Chad Danny Wilson, 47, Ogden Regional Medical Center EMA and emergency management coordinator; succeeding David R. Goff; wife, Kendra Henrie Wilson. Counselors — Steven Kenneth Pierce, 61, Pierce Design + Build CEO; wife, Lori Ann Snell Pierce. Scott Tyler Larsen, 47, Revolution Realty & Management broker; wife, Natalie Ann Hill Larsen.

SÃO PAULO BRAZIL EMBU STAKE: (Feb. 5, 2023) President — André Batista da Silva, 38, lawyer; succeeding Manoel Messias Silva; wife, Vanessa Aparecida Gomes Batista da Silva. Counselors — Rogerio Almeida da Costa, 51, HWN Comercio e Serviços de Informatica administrative supervisor; wife, Valeria Barbosa do Carmo Costa. Cesar Oliveira das Virgens, 43, lawyer and civil servant; wife, Lilian Somogyi das Virgens.

TAYLORSVILLE UTAH NORTH STAKE: (March 26, 2023) President — Joshua Terry Dennis, 43, Church designer; succeeding John H. Taylor; wife, Bessy Johana Herrera Moncada Dennis. Counselors — Cameron Gort Wilhelm, 44, Degreed Inc. solutions engineer; wife, Holly Ann Donio Wilhelm. Robert Earl Kemp, 52, Salt Lake Community College grant manager; wife, Angela Pleasy Winborg Kemp.

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