RootsTech launches video and social media campaign to promote 2024 theme ‘Remember’

Most people don’t feel their lives are significant. RootsTech hopes this video and social media campaign will change peoples’ minds

FamilySearch recently invited several older individuals to be interviewed for a family history video.

Not surprisingly, each one viewed their lives as very ordinary.

“I don’t think I’m extraordinary in any way. I think I’m just a regular person,” said Dallan Sohm.

“I feel my life is average,” said Myrna Wing.

“I don’t think I’ve lived an exemplary life. I’m not sure if anyone would ever want to read my story,” said Becky Sohm.

But the subjects were in for a heartwarming surprise. FamilySearch had previously spoken to their family members and friends to prerecord tribute videos that demonstrated the unmistakable value and importance of their lives. The subjects were shocked. They laughed, they cried and came to a new realization.

“When I saw that video, it made me feel like my story was worth remembering,” Becky Sohm said.

“When I see that my story has touched other people, it gives me great joy,” Christine Quinn said.

“Seeing my family I realized that my life was important,” Wing said.

“Remember” is the theme of RootsTech 2024, a three-day global online and in-person family history conference scheduled for Feb. 29 through March 2 in Salt Lake City.

The “Remember” video was released Saturday, Nov. 18, as part of a social media campaign to promote RootsTech 2024 and the “Remember” theme. It was also announced in a FamilySearch blog post.

RootsTech ‘Remember’ video

The nearly seven-minute video follows the individuals as they enter for an interview and are eventually surprised as family members share stories and experiences about their loved one, helping them to know their lives are worth remembering.

The video features a new song titled, “Out of Time,” sung by Ellie Berry and written by Jonathan Wing, RootsTech creative manager.

“So often we think of the stories from the past, but we don’t always realize that right here and now we are writing history in the moment. There are meaningful experiences that will impact the lives of those who come after us,” Wing said. “This video was intended to help establish a sense of urgency around capturing those stories.”

One line from the song’s chorus — “We’re running out of time for me to say to you the life you lived was so much more than ordinary” — has prompted some listeners to think about someone and do something to preserve their memory.

A collection of family photos.
The theme for RootsTech 2024 is “remember.” FamilySeach is launching a video and social media campaign to encourage remembering lives, stories and experiences. | FamilySearch

“There is something about this theme of ‘Remember’ and running out of time that causes people to act, and we love that,” Wing said.

RootsTech organizers hope those who watch the video and consider the theme will (1) feel something, (2) think of someone and (3) do something.

“Maybe they call and tell them how much they mean to them. Maybe they pull out a camera and capture their story. Maybe they share what the person means to them on social media,” Wing said. “Whatever it is, we hope it will help unite families and help show ways that people can be engaged in family history.”

How to participate

Several individuals have already begun sharing family stories on social media, including Latter-day Saint returned missionary Sarah Sun, who won Miss Utah 2023. She expressed appreciation for her parents on Instagram.

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Other individual “Remember” stories are featured below the video on

Here are some suggestions for how to participate in the RootsTech 2024 social media campaign:

1. Find any photos or videos and put together a post to share what your family — past, present, or future — means to you.

2. Select the audio from the “Out of Time” song on any social media platform to use in your post.

3. Tag RootsTech social media accounts in your post. Add the hashtag #rootstech2024 and #remember.

A woman and a young girl look out a window.
The theme for RootsTech 2024 is “remember.” FamilySeach is launching a video and social media campaign to encourage remembering lives, stories and experiences. | FamilySearch

How to register for RootsTech 2024

RootsTech 2024 will feature hundreds of classes, sessions, exhibitors and other activities to help attendees discover more about their family heritage.

The online event is free and other pricing options are available at

Registration for RootsTech 2024 opened on Sept. 18. Learn more and register at

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