Church donation saves time, promotes health in Cape Verde

New autoclave allows instruments to be sterilized on the spot at local health department

Autoclaves — also known as steam sterilizers — use water, pressure and heat to kill bacteria, microorganisms and spores.

The Calheta-São Miguel Health Department in Cape Verde did not have its own autoclave. Four times a week, officials would send all the instruments that needed to be sterilized to Hospital Santa Rita in Santa Catarina — almost 30 km (about 18 miles) away.  Sometimes procedures had to be postponed until sterilized instruments were returned.

On Jan. 17, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donated an 18-liter (4.75-gallon) autoclave to the Calheta-São Miguel Health Department, allowing them to save time and safely serve the 15,000 people in their area.

The donation took place at the police station in Calheta-São Miguel, reported the Church’s Cape Verde Newsroom. The administration was grateful for the donation and the impact it will have on the lives of users. They also expressed their gratitude for previous donations the Church has made on the islands, which are in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of west Africa.

Over the years, the Church has participated in many humanitarian and self-reliance projects in Cape Verde, including in the areas of safe drinking water, wheelchair distribution, vision care, mother-baby training, immunization efforts and others. 

The Church has been officially present in Cape Verde since 1990.  In June 2022, the Praia Cape Verde Temple was dedicated.

A map of the 10-island nation of Cabo Verde. The Praia Cape Verde Temple was dedicated on June 19. 2022. | Aaron Thorup, for the Church News
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