Humanitarian Efforts

The donations for eight nonprofit organizations aim to improve nutrition for women and children under 5 around the world through a multiyear Relief Society initiative.

Recent JustServe efforts in the Northwest U.S. brought families and friends of the Church together.

At least 12 tornadoes killed eight people, destroyed homes and left thousands without power during the weekend of May 25.

The Church is enhancing education at Tsakani Primary School with more classrooms, facilities and a sports field to support a growing student body.

Using the milk, families in Jordan can make dairy products and use the profits to purchase their own sheep and goats for a sustainable future.

The donation was made to Project HOPE, an international global health organization, and will focus on providing health, nutrition, training and equipment.

The donation will help fund humanitarian efforts focused on health, education and women.

From hot meals to medical equipment and food donations, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and JustServe are supporting communities in British Columbia, Quebec and Alberta.

The northern coast of the Pacific nation was hit with a 6.9 magnitude earthquake in areas already inundated with flooding.

The Church is supporting UNICEF’s efforts to eliminate deadly maternal and neonatal tetanus in Africa and the Middle East.