Premiered today ‘PodAgir+’, a podcast from Church’s Welfare and Self-Reliance Services in Brazil

The programs aim to provide listeners with 'valuable insights, practical tips, and an extra dose of motivation'

The first episode of PodAgir+, a podcast from the Church’s Welfare and Self-Reliance Services in Brazil [Serviços de Autossuficiência Brasil, in Portuguese] premiered on Thursday, May 25, at 5 p.m. [20h Brasilia time].

According to Church’s Welfare and Self-Reliance Services in Brazil, every week on Thursdays at the same time, new episodes will be released with “tips and inspiring stories about career, entrepreneurship, education, finance and emotional health.” The programs aim to provide listeners with “valuable insights, practical tips, and an extra dose of motivation” to encourage and guide those looking for jobs or to advance their careers.

This first episode featured John Rodgerson, a Latter-day Saints and CEO of Azul Linhas Aéreas [Azul Airlines], a company created in 2008 with over 12,000 employees today. He talked about “how to achieve professional success, the lessons and challenges of being at the forefront” of the company in Brazil.

How to access the podcast [in Portuguese]

All episodes of PodAgir+ will be available as a video on the YouTube channel of Autosufficiência Brasil and the audio on the following podcast platforms:

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