Video: Sister Dennis on learning about ‘Partnering with the Savior’

As she reflects on her life, Sister J. Anette Dennis says she can see the Savior’s watchful care and influence

As Sister J. Anette Dennis, a member of the Relief Society general presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, reflects on her life, she can see the Savior’s watchful care and influence. 

“The Savior is the ultimate source of relief,” she said during a Church News interview. 

In this Church News video, titled “Partnering with the Savior,” Sister Dennis shares how the Savior stood beside her family as her daughter dealt with emotional and mental health challenges. 

Sister Dennis said as her daughter looks back, she realizes “the Savior was with me.”

“None of us are the Savior, but we can partner with Him in helping to save others and providing relief,” said Sister Dennis.

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