Video: Elder Christofferson on his ‘Wonderful Association’ with Elder Richard G. Scott

Elder Christofferson speaks of Elder Scott, who was his mission president in Argentina in the mid-1960s and his fellow Apostle 40 years later

Seven months into his service as a full-time missionary in the Argentina North Mission in the mid-1960s, Elder D. Todd Christofferson met his new mission president — Richard G. Scott.

It was the start of what Elder Christofferson calls a “Wonderful Association,” the title of this Church News video that recaps the relationship from missionary and mission president to ultimately serving together as members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles 40 years later.

“I look back on that and I think, ‘Who would have ever guessed,’ certainly not me, ‘that there were two future Apostles sitting down together, meeting for the first time?’” said Elder Christofferson of Elder Scott. “One the president, one missionary, the beginning of a lifetime almost of association, a wonderful association and friendship.”

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