Visiting ‘other sheep’ in Ancient America, Jesus Christ testifies of promise to gather Israel in Book of Mormon Videos

In Friday’s episode release, the Savior explains that He fulfilled the law of Moses

As “Another Testament of Jesus Christ,” the Book of Mormon includes the teachings of the Resurrected Savior about His divinity to those living in the Ancient America. 

In the latest release for the Book of Mormon Videos on Friday, Oct. 21, scenes from 3 Nephi 15-16 are depicted with the Savior testifying of His relationship with Heavenly Father and fulfilling His commandments. 

He speaks of His time in mortality in Jerusalem and His ultimate role in bringing together “one fold, and one shepherd” (3 Nephi 15:17). 

The Savior testifies of the promise to gather scattered Israel as its “one shepherd” in the newest Book of Mormon Videos episode covering 3 Nephi 15-16. | Screenshot from

Like the previous episode, “Jesus Christ Teaches How to Live the Higher Law,” the Savior is seen at the steps of the temple in Bountiful while the Nephites sit and listen to His teachings. 

He also points out His disciples among those who are gathered and tells them, “ye are a light unto this people” (3 Nephi 15:12). 

Costuming those seen in the videos is described as ‘intense’ 

While filming in the summer of 2021 near the mountains not far from Springville, Utah, the heat was beating down on the actors seen in these episodes. Wearing sweat-wicking T-shirts wasn’t an option for the actors. 

Jacqui Newell, a costume designer for the Book of Mormon Videos since its first season, called the process of supporting the actors with accurate costuming “intense.” 

“We created everything by hand,” she said, “because you can’t just buy this kind of thing. 

“We have a big team working all the time at sewing — hand sewing a lot. We do a lot of hand sewing because that’s what it would have been.” 

Nephites listen as the Savior testifies of the promise to gather scattered Israel as its “one shepherd” in the newest Book of Mormon Videos episode covering 3 Nephi 15-16. | Screenshot from

For the hundreds of actors involved, every piece of their costumes is created from scratch, Newell said. 

The role was more than just another job for Newell. 

“It’s really humbling,” she said. 

Prior to starting the project five years ago, Newell said the crew was promised a blessing that she has seen come true. 

“We have actually had the help we needed, when we needed it, where we needed it,” she said. “And not just for the project, but in my personal life.” 

These experiences were expressed by many members of the cast and crew on the set last summer. 

Those blessings have meant a lot to Newell who said her team frequently worked 15-hour days to accomplish their work. 

“It’s been really a great team to be a part of,” she said. 

Before heading back to work, Newell couldn’t leave without sharing her personal testimony of the Book of Mormon. 

“It’s another testament of Jesus Christ, and this has helped me build my testimony of that.” 

The full series of Book of Mormon Videos can be seen at

Episode release schedule

Videos will be released on the following schedule: 

  • Oct. 7: “Jesus Christ Teaches and Gives Power to Baptize” | 3 Nephi 11–12
  • Oct. 14: “Jesus Christ Teaches How To Live the Higher Law” | 3 Nephi 12–14
  • Oct. 21: “Jesus Christ Testifies of One Fold and One Shepherd” | 3 Nephi 15–16
  • Oct. 28: “Jesus Christ and Angels Minister With Compassion” | 3 Nephi 17
  • Nov. 4: “Jesus Christ Introduces the Sacrament” | 3 Nephi 18
  • Nov. 11: “The Disciples Minister and Jesus Christ Prays for the People” | 3 Nephi 19
  • Nov. 18: “Jesus Christ Explains How He Will Gather Israel” | 3 Nephi 20–23
  • Nov. 25: “Jesus Christ Declares the Name of His Church and His Doctrine” | 3 Nephi 27
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