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The week includes thousands of participants, hundreds of teachers, a variety of classes and a devotional from an Apostle

PROVO, Utah — For five days, Aug. 15-19, thousands of people from around the world were on the campus of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, for Education Week.

With the theme of “100 Years of Instruction and Learning: ‘Of Things Both in Heaven and in the Earth,’” the event featured hundreds of presenters teaching close to 1,000 classes on a wide range of topics — including gospel principles, family and marriage relationships, personal development, finance, technology, health and the arts.

Sessions included teachings from the Sunday School, Primary and Young Men general presidencies and a Tuesday devotional with Elder Quentin L. Cook, a member of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Youth classes and activities and legal continuing education were also available during the week.

The program administrator, Bruce Payne, said attendance is not back up to where it was in 2019, but registration has increased from last year, when about 13,000 people attended in person after an online-only event in 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“People are starting to come back and feel more comfortable attending these events. We look forward to the future and getting back to normal,” Payne said. 

During the week, participants “have an opportunity to learn much that will motivate, encourage, strengthen and rejuvenate,” he said.

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Theme for 2022 BYU Education Week
The theme of BYU Education Week this year is “100 Years of Instruction and Learning: ‘Of Things Both in Heaven and in the Earth.’” | BYU Education Week

Monday, Aug. 15

What 100 years have looked like for BYU Education Week

  • Patrons first went to Brigham Young University for Leadership Week in January 1922.

All teaching should center on the Savior, Sunday School general presidency says at BYU Education Week

  • “We teach about Jesus Christ no matter what we are teaching,” Sunday School General President Mark L. Pace told BYU Education Week attendees.

Focus the Children and Youth program on the Savior

  • “It’s not about checking boxes or putting more weight on our shoulders,” said Primary General President Susan H. Porter.

Elder Gilbert explains why the Church Educational System must have the courage to be different

  • “We ask our universities to be different from the world and from each other,” explained Elder Clark G. Gilbert, a General Authority Seventy and Church commissioner of education.

Good shoes, flexibility and new friends — lessons from the first day of BYU Education Week

  • “It’s been a blast,” said Josiah Bennett, 15, from LaVerkin, Utah. “The people are so nice. The speakers are so funny. And the Spirit is awesome here.”

What the Church is doing to help members with disabilities

  • Adding audio description to videos is one of many things the Church is doing to help members with disabilities, said Katie Steed, disability specialist manager in the Church’s Priesthood and Family Department. 

25-plus tools to make family history simple and fun

  • BYU Education Week presentation highlights tools for personal history, family history and genealogical records

Tuesday, Aug. 16

Elder Cook at BYU Education Week: Give heed to the words of the Prophets

  • “These prophetic declarations that I have addressed have provided and will provide immunity and protection in the future to allow members to be in the world, but not of the world, and prepare them for the Second Coming of the Savior,” said Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

Using science and the gospel to build emotional resilience amid trials

  • Understanding science and the gospel will help build emotional resilience amid challenges such as stress, depression and anxiety, taught instructors at BYU Education Week.

Wednesday, Aug. 17

Youth at Education Week: Going to classes during the summer — and liking it

  • ‘Rising generation’ of 14 to 18 year olds — 900 strong in 2022 — are becoming the BYU Education Week’s next generation of attendees

7 keys to successful dating for young single adults

  • A multi-day course at BYU Education Week covered “YSA Survival 101: Navigating the Dating World”

Thursday, Aug. 18

What the gospel and positive psychology teach about how to be happy

  • BYU Education Week instructors list the ways to increase happiness.

Friday, Aug. 19

From ice cream and treats to facts and info tidbits: A concluding look at BYU Education Week

  • What were the most-purchased ice cream flavors and sweets, final attendance numbers, demographic breakdowns and such?

When loved ones question gospel truths — how to cope, and how to give an answer

  • Seek to remember God’s eternal plan while recognizing that others are on a journey with their own questions, taught instructors at BYU Education Week.

Seeking truth and developing unshakable faith

  • Searching latter-day teachings and scriptures will provide evidence to strengthen faith, taught instructors at BYU Education Week.
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