New Instagram aims to making caring for children ‘a little easier’

The Friend magazine’s managing editor wants to help alleviate ‘tough job’ of parents and teachers

A new resource launched Friday, June 16, to help all those who care for children and who are striving to help them build testimonies of the Savior.

Instagram users can now follow the Church’s Friend magazine and see articles, artwork and stories from children around the world through this new account.

“The teachers, leaders and caretakers of children have a beautiful but tough job,” said Cynthia Glad, the Church’s creative director for children’s content and the managing editor of the Friend magazine.

The Friend magazine was first published more than 120 years ago with content that aims to ease the burden of that “tough job” and provide ideas on how to teach the gospel to children.

The Friend magazine’s new Instagram account launched on Friday, June 16, 2023. | Screenshot from Instagram

“We want to do what we can to make that job a little easier,” Glad said. “Our Instagram is a place they can find ready-made, kid-friendly ‘Come, Follow Me’ activities, videos, crafts and recipes, stories, encouragement, tips for teaching the gospel and more.”

Nine posts went live Friday morning with a few ideas of what new followers of the account can expect. Charlotte Larcabal Speakman, digital assistant managing editor for the Friend, said she hopes the account will be the adult companion to the children’s magazine.

“The Friend magazine is for the kids, but our Instagram is for their parents. For their Primary teachers. For all the people who join us in teaching children the gospel.”

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New content will be posted each day online at or through the Instagram app, and Glad said she couldn’t be happier.

“We are thrilled to have another way to equip parents and other adults who teach children with relevant tools and resources to help children meet the challenges of today,” Glad said.

The Friend also shares similar materials on its Facebook account and will continue to do so. The Church’s Gospel for Kids YouTube channel also includes videos from the Friend team.

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