Global Youth Service Day and Month are an opportunity for young people to make a difference with JustServe

American Idol Finalist Paige Anne and Sister Andrea Muñoz Spannaus encourage youth to find ways to serve around them

Global Youth Service Day and Global Youth Service Month mark a time when young people can get out and serve in their communities and make a difference.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teaches the importance of service and supports the Global Youth Service initiative through JustServe — a free online platform created by the Church for anyone to use. The JustServe platform connects charitable and nonprofit organizations with volunteers, and is now available in 17 countries.

And the movement has gotten a boost from a face — and a voice — that may be familiar to many young people in the United States.

American Idol season 21 contestant Paige Anne competed almost exactly one year ago on the televised singing competition at age 16. Now she is a local JustServe ambassador in her hometown of Idaho Falls, Idaho.

She joined Local News 8 recently to talk about what Global Youth Service Month is all about and why she chose to get involved.

“I feel like nowadays, things are kind of going a little downhill, including when it comes to supporting each other and our own communities,” she said. “And so when we’re working together, we are lifting each other up.”

A flier for Global Youth Service Month  2024 with a QR code that connects people to
Global Youth Service Month runs April 12-May 12, 2024, and is an opportunity for youth to find ways to serve in their communities, including through and the JustServe app. | The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

During the live television interview, she named different organizations In Idaho Falls that need volunteers, and explained how anyone can log onto or the JustServe app and find opportunities near them to volunteer in person or remotely.

Youth especially have the capacity to reach out — even small acts of service can make a difference, Anne said, sharing how she has tried to be an example of service and making changes for good. For example, she and her mother have regularly volunteered at an area soup kitchen. Now she has an opportunity to use her platform to encourage other young people to volunteer.

“It’s just cool to see that we are all on the same level. We all need help sometimes,” said Anne, adding “They are our community, they are our people, and so we need to lift everyone up.”

About Global Youth Service Day and Global Youth Service Month

Global Youth Service Day is the largest youth service and civic action day in the world. The annual celebration of young volunteers around the world is designed to encourage youth to participate in community service.

Global Youth Service Day is powered by Youth Service America with support from JustServe locally. The dates are April 26-28 this year, while Global Youth Service Month lasts from April 12 through May 12.

Anyone child, teen or young adult from age 5 to 25 can participate — including families.

Sister Andrea Muñoz Spannaus, second counselor in the Church’s Young Women general presidency, posted about Global Youth Service Day on the Young Women Worldwide account, saying the presidency has been looking forward to the initative for a long time.

“One of my favorite scriptures is Mosiah 2:17. It reminds us that ‘when [we] are in the service of [our] fellow beings [we] are … in the service of … God,’” Sister Spannaus wrote. “I truly believe that when we serve others, we are serving God.”

She said youth can participate in many ways — watching a neighbor’s children or a night or cheering a friend who has been sad. Or find specific ideas using the JustServe app.

During the initiative in 2023, youth packaged meals, cleaned up schools and parks, served meals, sandbagged and took part in multiple service projects.

Service can be done on one’s own or in a group service activity, explained JustServe’s social media posts in 2022, listing the following:

  1. Find a friend to serve with.
  2. Plan a project on or the JustServe app.
  3. Share the experience using #GYSD or tag on Facebook and @Just_Serve on Instagram.
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