Music & the Spoken Word: Choosing good

God gives His children eternal law, based on eternal truth, so they can make wise choices, Lloyd Newell observes in this week’s ‘Music & the Spoken Word’

Editor’s note: “The Spoken Word” is shared by Lloyd Newell each Sunday during the weekly Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square broadcast. This will be given Sunday, May 5, 2024.

Here at the heart of the Mexican capital stands the Monumento a la Revolución, or the Monument to the Revolution. Among the most iconic symbols of Mexico, this landmark commemorates the Mexican Revolution of more than a century ago. Similar monuments are found all over the world. Very often, they are visual reminders of the quest for freedom.

Freedom is, without question, a quest worth commemorating. We all hunger for freedom. We want to be free to think, to believe and to act. This deep love of liberty is part of our nature; it was placed in our hearts by God, who wants His children to be free. He gave us the ability to choose and sent us into a world filled with choices: good or evil, right or wrong, light or darkness.

Of course, God wants us to choose good, but He will not force us to. He knows that we grow not just by doing what’s right but by using our freedom to choose to do what’s right. And how do we know what’s right? We aren’t left to guess. Our loving God gives His children eternal law, based on eternal truth, so we can make wise choices.

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The Monument to the Revolution in Mexico City, Mexico, is shown on a summer day, from the ground, with  the patterned floor of the tile and soaring arch walls and domed top.
The Monument to the Revolution in Mexico City, Mexico, is shown on a summer day. | KAREL MIRAGAYA

It might seem that law limits freedom, but it actually does the opposite. Like a kite that flies high in the sky only when tethered by its string, freedom reaches its highest expression when anchored to God and His truth. Cut the string, and the kite falls. Let go of God’s law, and freedom has no direction, no purpose. So we tie ourselves to God, who gave us our freedom, and learn His law, without which freedom would be meaningless. True freedom comes from good choices. We find freedom not by resisting truth but by living it.

This is why we build monuments to freedom. With both a solid base and a soaring upward reach, monuments like this one in Mexico City lift our thoughts and aspirations. They remind us that freedom and law are both precious gifts from God — raising us up and at the same time giving us a firm foundation.

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