How Primary teachers can use the new combined ‘Come, Follow Me’ manual

Each week’s outline includes resources for children, their leaders and parents in studying the Book of Mormon

As Primary teachers prepare to teach their classes this upcoming Sunday from the new combined “Come, Follow Me” manual for 2024, they can use resources in the manual crafted specifically for children.

Come, Follow Me — For Home and Church” focuses on a study of the Book of Mormon in 2024.

Each week’s outline has two main sections. The first one has ideas to help youth and adults study the scriptures at home and at church.

The second section is for teachers of children, both parents and Primary teachers. It has ideas that can be used to help children learn about Jesus Christ and His gospel from the scriptures.

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Images are provided with each week’s lesson — both full-color images and line drawings to help in individual, family and Church class settings to help those who are visual learners.

Each outline also includes a hymn or song from the “Children’s Songbook” that teaches about one of the principles from that lesson.

The electronic version includes links to the “Book of Mormon Stories,” activities from the Friend magazine and Book of Mormon Videos. Every outline ends with a big picture and an activity page to help make learning memorable and fun.

Ideas for teaching children in the “Come, Follow Me” manual for the Book of Mormon.
An outline in “Come, Follow Me” for 1 Nephi in the Book of Mormon includes a section called “Ideas for Teaching Children.” | Screenshot from

Also, appendices at the back of the book include helpful resources for parents and Primary teachers to help children learn more about baptism, confirmation, partaking of the sacrament and going to the temple.

Appendix A is called “For Parents — Preparing Your Children for a Lifetime on God’s Covenant Path”.

Appendix B includes lessons called “Preparing Children for a Lifetime on God’s Covenant Path.” In the months that have five Sundays, Primary teachers are encouraged to use one or more of these learning activities on that fifth Sunday.

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In a video for Primary teachers posted in the media library on and on the Facebook page for Sister Amy A. Wright, first counselor in the Primary general presidency, a young girl named Abby goes over these resources and gives suggestions.

“First, when you prepare to teach Primary, start by reading the scriptures on your own and with your family. As you do, the Spirit can give you ideas about how to help your Primary class learn about Jesus Christ,” she said.

When teachers get to Primary, maybe they will find that some of the children in their class have already done some of the activities at home with their families.

“That’s OK. We don’t mind doing them again. That’s how we learn,” Abby said. “Ask us to share what we learned at home. Every time we teach each other, the Holy Ghost helps our testimony of Jesus Christ grow.”

Abby also reminded teachers to help every child be a part of the lesson whether or not they have been studying the scriptures at home with their families.

And out of everything that Primary teachers teach, showing love to their classes will help the children feel Heavenly Father’s love, the video concluded.

In a Church News article on Jan. 1, the Sunday School general presidency said although church classes matter, home is the best place to study the gospel. Rather than simply showing up for church lessons, members should learn at home and then share what they’re learning at church.

“Our children can do this at home because the manual is exactly the same. Parents will have access to everything,” said Brother Milton Camargo, first counselor.

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Activity page shows two children in an archway with the Book of Mormon as the top keystone.
The activity page for the Jan. 1-7, 2024, “Come, Follow Me” lesson is about the Book of Mormon as a keystone. | The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
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