A missionary in Sydney, Australia, shares his personal ‘mission miracle’

‘This truly helped me see just how much Heavenly Father knows me, loves me and wants to help me,’ Elder Oscar Aspinall wrote

Elder Oscar Aspinall, a missionary who served in the Australia Sydney Mission, recorded his own personal ‘mission miracle’ in a Facebook post shared by the Church’s Pacific Area page on Thursday, Oct. 20.

In the post, Elder Aspinall explains that he was only 8 years old when his father, Juan Aspinall, died. After passing what would have been his father’s 59th birthday on Sept. 10, 2021, Elder Aspinall wrote that he’d been thinking a lot about his father and wishing he knew what his father’s mission had been like.

The young elder spoke with his mother about him and wrote down little things he could remember. One Monday, as Elder Aspinall told his mom about his new companion, Elder Liam Tennant, she replied that she recognized the name. They soon discovered that Elder Aspinall’s father and Elder Tennant’s father had served as companions back on their missions in the 1980s.

The Lord had answered his prayers and given him the desire of his heart by giving him the opportunity to know what his dad experienced on a mission with one of his closest companions.

“This truly helped me see just how much Heavenly Father knows me, loves me and wants to help me,” Elder Aspinall wrote.

In the comments to the post, Elder Tennant responded, “we will continue our dads’ legacies.”

Many people commented on the post, thanking Elder Aspinall for sharing his experience. “Considering all the missions and all the missionaries in the world and the decisions you both made personally in your lives to bring you to this point is amazing. The Lord is mindful and answers prayers,” commented Siope Lee Kinikini.

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