Video: Sister Wendy Nelson, Sister Mary Cook sing a duet, share details of traveling with the prophet

In a Church News video, Sister Wendy Nelson and Sister Mary Cook share their observations of how they minister to Latter-day Saints they meet on their travels.

Both Sister Nelson, wife of President Russell M. Nelson, and Sister Cook, wife of Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, traveled with their husbands during the prophet's recent visit to Central and South America.

Calling Sister Cook a "jukebox," Sister Nelson said that Sister Cook always finds a way to sing in her addresses. Sister Nelson then joked that if she wore a matching blue jacket with Sister Cook, they could sing a duet. The duo then breaks into song, performing a snippet of "Sisters" from the 1954 classic film "White Christmas."

Joking aside, Sister Cook and Sister Nelson open up about what it's like to serve the Lord while traveling with the prophet.

"When we travel, I think of a statement by President Kimball, 'I should come and see this country sometime when I come back,'" said Sister Nelson. "It's not about sightseeing. It is about Saint-seeing."

The purpose of ministering is ultimately to help Latter-day Saints be ready for what lies ahead, said Sister Cook.

"There's nothing sweeter," she said. "And you feel safe that you're doing what the Lord wants you to do and you're helping to prepare for His Second Coming."

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