Read about these 14 new stake presidencies — from Farmington to the Philippines

Notices of reorganized stakes from around the world

BEIRA MOZAMBIQUE MANGA STAKE: (Feb. 25, 2024) President — Mario Bernardo Pumbumua, 30, Desperte Africa manager; succeeding Elias Joaquim; wife, Maria Domingos Manuel Massiua Pumbumua. Counselors — Joaquim Mawane, 40, health care department head; wife, Rita Oliveira Maramba. Fernando Carlos Lino, 32, self-employed business owner; wife, Cleide Da Gloria João De Sousa Lopes.

CEDAR PARK TEXAS STAKE: (Feb. 25, 2024) President — Hyrum Michael Smith, 53, OpenText regional vice president of sales; succeeding Ryan Dee Robinson; wife, Jenifer Jane Cook Smith. Counselors — Tyson David Smith, 39, attorney; wife, Kristina Wirthlin Smith. Aldo Fernandez Zapien, 44, USAA software engineer; wife, Dafne Ivett De Fernandez Carrillo.

FARMINGTON UTAH SOUTH STAKE: (Feb. 25, 2024) President — John Edward Crowley, 55, Cambridge Financial Group financial adviser; succeeding Robert Donald Howell; wife, Janet Ann Nilsen Crowley. Counselors — Justin Ralph Baer, 50, attorney; wife, Krista Fuller Baer. John Spencer Mordue, 53, John Henry Smith insurance president and owner; wife, Kimberly Ann Farr Mordue.

HIROSHIMA JAPAN STAKE: (Jan. 28, 2024) President — Yusuke Sawa, 45, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion coordinator; succeeding Mitsuji Matsushige; wife, Yuki Sawa. Counselors — Hiroyuki Akagi, 52, Hiroshima Prefecture councilor; wife, Yuko Akagi. Kei Kiribayashi, 56, Smile Medical Corp. director; wife, Chiwa Kiribayashi.

JOÃO PESSOA BRAZIL STAKE: (Feb. 25, 2024) President — Victor de Souza Petrucci, 41, Court of Justice of Paraíba judicial analyst; succeeding Alvaro Carvalho de Farias; wife, Raquel Sales Abreu Petrucci. Counselors — André Luis Gomes, 42, Zap Controle Environmental CEO and founder; wife, Juliana Rodrigues Gomes. John David França Vasconcelos, 41, General Comptroller of the Union auditor; wife, Márcia Vieira Mariz Vasconcelos.

NORTH LAS VEGAS NEVADA STAKE: (Feb. 25, 2024) President — Mark Alan Turner, 51, physical therapist; succeeding Robert William Stewart; wife, Kimberley Susan Jackson Turner. Counselors — Boyden Evan Nelson, 54, Nelson Surveying LLC professional land surveyor; wife, Mary Ellen Hafen Nelson. Palota Purcell, 63, Robertson’s Ready-Mix Concrete and Aggregate dispatch operator and service agent; wife, Anna Taupaolo Falelua Tenney Purcell.

OCUMARE DEL TUY VENEZUELA STAKE: (Feb. 25, 2024) President — Jesus Leonardo Rodriguez Romero, 36, Ministry of Popular Power for Education mathematics teacher; succeeding Carlos Alberto Santeliz Zamora; wife, Eliany Magdalena Leon Rodriguez. Counselors — Luis Alfonso Briceño Cortes, 50, Command and Communications Control Center operations coordinator; wife, Yelitza Yolimar Azuaje de Briceño. Airon Alexander Piñero Peña, 31, administrative assistant for the Church; wife, Genesis Osmarit Matehus Carrero.

PAGO PAGO SAMOA WEST STAKE: (Feb. 4, 2024) President — William Ena Spitzenberg, 47, PIOA Consulting CEO and owner; succeeding Adney Marion Ma’anaima Reid; wife, Leleagaatutuila Sisi Levalasi Loi-On Spitzenberg. Counselors — Gary Afi Tipa, 34, Courts of American Samoa interpreter and probation officer; wife, Charity Sasaotimuga Aiava Tipa. Faaogea Fiu, 48, Pritchard Airport Service traffic agent; wife, Silotoa Luavasa Fiu.

PEÑAFLOR CHILE STAKE: (March 3, 2024) President — Claudio Andres Navarro Alegria, 42, CLM Digital Solutions business developer; succeeding Marco Antonio Vidal Saavedra; wife, Paulina Andrea De Navarro Rodriguez. Counselors — Francisco Javier Cortés Jofre, 36, Church temple construction project manager; wife, Rosina Angélica Vergottini Podestá. Jesus Rafael Luces Manrique, 49, Importer of KYM Tires from Chile head of logistics and warehouses; wife, Yngrid Anabel de Luces Lara.

PROVO UTAH YSA 15TH STAKE: (March 3, 2024) President — Michael Dean Barnes, 59, Brigham Young University professor of public health; succeeding David Lee Tueller; wife, Stephanie Ann Morrison Barnes. Counselors — Mark Anthony Jackson, 59, BYU MPS security; wife, Anita Marie Olsen Jackson. Gregory Spencer Moffat, 55, Moffat Co. president of construction; wife, Cheryl Jo Gilbert Moffat.

PROVO UTAH YSA 17TH STAKE: (Feb. 25, 2024) President — Gregory Paul Cook, 54, DoTerra International co-founder and board of directors member; succeeding Gregory John Heiner; wife, Julie Larson Cook. Counselors — Kevin Randall Snow, 57, operations and financial manager, and Church area auditor; wife, Tara Lynn Young Snow. Teotihuacan Packer Ngatuvai, 53, Fidelity Investments financial consultant; wife, Claudia Elizabeth Rojas Ngatuvai.

READING PENNSYLVANIA STAKE: (March 3, 2024) President — Jonathan Michael Stapley, 50, B. Braun senior director of product management; succeeding Keith Brian Wills; wife, Sarah Elizabeth Watson Stapley. Counselors — Phillip Knight Brinton, 49, pediatric dentist; wife, Malesa Ruth Weber Brinton. Jhommpy Bladimir García, 50, Perkiomen School world language department head; wife, Betiania Duarte Nuñez García.

SAN ANTONIO TEXAS LA CANTERA STAKE: (Feb. 18, 2024) President — Jonathan Michael Villarreal, 38, self-employed president; succeeding Lisle Chandler Updike; wife, Elizabeth Veronica Villarreal. Counselors — Thomas Ryan Baum, 49, Thomas Stone & Materials owner; wife, Kimberly Morris Baum. Benjamin Edward Thatcher, 45, City of Boerne city manager; wife, Summer Gillis Thatcher.

VALENZUELA PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Feb. 11, 2024) President — Rene Boy Martin Ariola, 40, Philippines Area presidency management control auditor; succeeding Danilo Fabian Costales; wife, Mary Grace Fajardo De Sotto Ariola. Counselors — Wilson Yap Paredes Jr., 43, Dewan Architects & Engineers BIM operations manager; wife, Lalaine Ollet Lim Paredes. Josef Matthieu Dagal Bassig, 38, Tanay Rural Bank Inc. chief information security officer; wife, Gracielle Baluyot Dela Cruz Bassig.

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