15 new stake presidents called around the world — from Sweden to South Africa

Notices of reorganized stakes around the world

BARRANQUILLA COLOMBIA PARAISO STAKE: (May 5, 2024) President — Ivan Alexander Guerrero Bernal, 42, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints temple employee; succeeding Mauricio Alberto Perez Trujillo; wife, Tivisay Guerrero Barraza. Counselors — Fredy Miguel Ariza Saavedra, 31, Hetero Labs key account manager; wife, Ashley Margarita Anibal Orozco. Andres Felipe Barrios Casadiego, 32, Movate Colombia S.A.S. senior network support engineer; wife, Luisa Fernanda Martinez Perez.

CALGARY ALBERTA YSA STAKE: (April 28, 2024) President — Mark Taylor Evans, 57, medical doctor; succeeding Douglas Haruo Takahashi; wife, Christina Rose Wong Evans. Counselors — Joseph Aurele Alfred Christian Laplante, 53, clinical psychologist; wife, Lara Florence Salm Laplante. Robert Joseph Hunter, 68, Volker Stevin Contracting Ltd. trucking superintendent; wife, Shauna Jane Blaxall Hunter.

EAST LONDON SOUTH AFRICA STAKE: (April 14, 2024) President — Sivuyile Ndlelo, 40, local municipality health and safety officer; succeeding Dwayne Johan Van Heerden; wife, Sinobuhle Ncube Ndlelo. Counselors — Jonathan Barry Krull, 47, Resilient Servers and Networks business owner; wife, Sue-Ann La Verne Corrigan Krull. Seth Wainwright, 35, Openform senior graphic designer; wife, Danielle Ven Der Leek Wainwright.

ESCALANTE UTAH STAKE: (April 14, 2024) President — Arthur Chad Lyman, 49, Farm Bureau Financial Services sales associate and Last Chance Livestock LLC owner; succeeding Gayle Lynn Pollock; wife, Jaime Griffin Lyman. Counselors — Tarval Alan Torgersen, 60, SC Broadband facilities administration and special projects coordinator; wife, Melani Robinson Torgersen. Gary Frederick Syrett, 52, Ruby’s Inn Inc. business administrator; wife, Luciene Anna Christensen Syrett.

GÖTEBORG SWEDEN STAKE: (March 3, 2024) President — Michael Hans Georg Tittus, 61, University of Borås associate professor; succeeding Lars Klokkervold Landrø; wife, Alexandra Carla Victoria Pavlovska Tittus. Counselors — Kim Ilmari Syvänen, 45, Abion AB project manager; wife, Ulrika Magdalena Strömbom Syvänen. Felix Andre Sahlin, 31, Sahlin Communication AB digital communicator; wife, Magdalena Sofia Strömberg Sahlin.

LAS PIÑAS PHILIPPINES STAKE: (March 24, 2024) President — Nomar Valdez Nivera, 51, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints area temple facilities manager; succeeding Raymond Rivera Vicente; wife, Ena Ruth Canlas Mackay Nivera. Counselors — Mark Anthony Adriano Tiu, 38, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints IT operations engineer; wife, Geri Althaea Pastera Delos Santos Tiu. James Timothy de Leon Villanueva, 45, Valor Global project manager; wife, Mona Vanessa Adriano Berino Villanueva.

LOGAN UTAH YSA 5TH STAKE: (March 24, 2024) President — Vernon Robert Malan, 47, Gateway Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab physical therapist and co-owner; succeeding Steven John Miller; wife, Melissa Ann Hartman Malan. Counselors — Bradley Rosco Tolman, 60, farmer and rancher; wife, Michelle Fielding Tolman. Paul C Heiner, 57, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion instructor; wife, Shelley Anne Peterson Heiner.

PAYSON UTAH MOUNT NEBO STAKE: (April 14, 2024) President — Brad Rawlins Walker, 44, Walker Funeral Home owner, CEO and funeral director; succeeding Paul Edward Buckner; wife, Michelle Lee Walker. Counselors — Scott Howard Hunt, 47, Brigham Young University IT assistant vice president; wife, Diana Marie Brown Hunt. Adam Jeffrey Ewell, 46, Nestle director of safety, health and environment; wife, Sheila Danette Powell Ewell.

PUERTO MONTT CHILE STAKE: (March 24, 2024) President — Francisco Javier Mansilla Aguila, 43, Antares de Alerce School technical pedagogical unit employee; succeeding Rodrigo Rafael Alvarado Velasquez; wife, Sandra Jimena Pérez Otey. Counselors — Waldo Rene Ruenzalida, 44, Goyesca owner; wife, Monica Cristina Godoy Saavedra. Pablo Jose Mansilla Alvarado, 47, Commercial and Industrial Terramar SpA commercial manager; wife, Jessica Soledad Mansilla Garcia.

RICHMOND TEXAS STAKE: (April 14, 2024) President — Scott David McKay, 48, orthopedic surgeon; succeeding Jimmy Ray Smith; wife, Jessica Curtis McKay. Counselors — Jared Michael Mangum, 49, SLB senior mechanical engineer and project manager; wife, Tanya Crawford Mangum. Ryan Keith Hibbert, 46, Salesforce director of engagement delivery; wife, Deborah Anne Ferguson Hibbert.

SÃO PAULO BRAZIL CUMBICA STAKE: (March 17, 2024) President — Ederson Santos Carvalho, 41, Drogarias Carvalho CEO and founder; succeeding Igor Rocha Da Silva; wife, Cleo Raiol Macedo Carvalho. Counselors — Jailson de Melo Silva, 33, AGP Group and PG Products sales executive; wife, Patricia Almeida Novaes de Melo. Brener Nenrique Rodrigues de Oliveira, 28, QLL - Quality in Logistics key account logistics analyst; wife, Katia Moreira da Silva Oliveira.

SILVER CITY NEW MEXICO STAKE: (April 14, 2024) President — Jonathan Avery Beck, 44, dentist; succeeding Justin Clayton Porter; wife, Alicia Helen Mortensen Beck. Counselors — Clinton Diego Quintana, 38, Q- Mobile LLC business owner; wife, Raquel López Quintana. Seth David Traeger, 45, Freeport-McMoRan supply chain superintendent; wife, Rebecca Ann McCleve Traeger.

TAIPEI TAIWAN WEST STAKE: (March 17, 2024) President — Chun Ming Li, 59, Humble House Hotel Management Consulting Co. Ltd. senior associate; succeeding Yao Ting Wang; wife, Ling Feng Yu. Counselors — Ming Ching Lin, 47, Jieshi Technology technical director; wife, Ya Chuan Tseng Lin. Ding Rui Chen, 43, Yaxu Computer assistant technical manager; wife, Shu Ling Zhao.

TRUJILLO PERÚ PALERMO STAKE: (Feb. 25, 2024) President — Robert Anthony Suyon Rodriguez, 51, self-employed; succeeding Josue Edmundo Valdivia Osaki; wife, Dlia Del Rocio De Suyon Calixto. Counselors — Ronald Chávez Rondoy, 53, independent distributor; wife, Gladys Aracelly de Chávez Cruz. Vladimir Leonid Benites Torres, 49, independent network marketer; wife, Angela Miriam De Benites Orizano.

WALNUT CREEK CALIFORNIA STAKE: (April 14, 2024) President — Michael Ramon Chapman, 40, self-employed e-commerce consultant; succeeding Clifford Adrian March; wife, Marcia Lynne Hartley Chapman. Counselors — Daniel Anthony Garcia, 52, Meta Platforms Inc. associate general counsel; wife, Sheryn Diane Kilczewski Garcia. Erik Paul Adams, 46, Williamson Adams partner; wife, Heather Elayne Risenmay Adams.

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