2 stakes created and 8 reorganized worldwide — from the Philippines to Peru

Notices of new and reorganized stakes around the world

The following new stake presidents have been called.

New stakes

A new stake has been created from the Buenos Aires Argentina Escobar and Buenos Aires Argentina Sarmiento stakes. The Buenos Aires Argentina Pilar Stake, which consists of the Del Viso, Derqui, Pilar, Tortuguitas, Villa Verde and Vucetich wards, was created by Elder Joaquin E. Costa, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Oscar Bedregal, an Area Seventy.

BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA PILAR STAKE: (April 14, 2024) President — Andres Martin Ortega, 43, FamilySearch Latin America help and records manager; wife, Mariana Alejandra Di Giovanni. Counselors — Cristian Joel Martin, 50, self-employed entrepreneur; wife, Valeria Pitta Marcos Martin. Emmanuel Alberto Viola, 39, Business Consult S.A. managing partner; wife, Noelia Ruth Salas Viola.

A new stake has been created from the Placer Philippines District. The Tubod Philippines Stake, which consists of the Bacuag, Claver, Mainit and Matin-ao branches and the Alegria, Bad-as, Kitcharao, Placer and Tubod wards, was created by Elder Yoon Hwan Choi, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Mernard P. Donato, an Area Seventy.

TUBOD PHILIPPINES STAKE: (March 10, 2024) President — Norman Devulgado Dolorfino, 50, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints welfare and self-reliance manager; wife, Rowena Castillon Ugay Dolorfino. Counselors — Ronald Muyco Kapunan, 40, Greenstone Resources Co. equipment monitoring; wife, Lynie Mendez Vertuz Kapunan. Rodulfo Kahulugan Narciso, 27, surveying firm chief; wife, Zylstra Blaisse Calang Luyong Narciso.

Reorganized stakes

AREQUIPA PERÚ CENTRAL STAKE: (May 5, 2024) President — Husseim Sadam Zevallos Luque, 48, GreenLion SAC general manager; succeeding Percy Alberto Ulloa Muñoz; wife, Zuleika Andrea De Zevallos Del Carpio. Counselors — Ramiro Alexander Urday Vela, 42, Tata Consultancy Services systems analyst; wife, Navila Katsura Quispe de Urday. Joseph Augusto Sandoval Medina, 34, independent work supervisor; wife, Claudia Alejandra de Sandoval Ramirez.

CROIX-DES-MISSIONS HAITI STAKE: (Feb. 25, 2024) President — Gregory Zelin, 40, Redwood Team translator; succeeding Fresnel Charles; wife, Carole Zelin Occeus. Counselors — Carlo Jean-Charles, 49, Fouchard Pierre NAU administrator; wife, Marie Minouche Paul Jean-Charles. Versey Trofort, 38, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints assistant temple facilities manager; wife, Valéry Trofort Louis.

IKOT AKPADEN NIGERIA STAKE: (March 17, 2024) President — Aniebiet Isaac Jimmy, 38, Saint Gabriel coconut plantation and oil refinery chief security officer; succeeding Usenobong Ekpedeme Nathaniel; wife, Aniebiet Isaac Emem. Counselors — Johnson Ndaeyo Okobo, 33, self- employed director. Emmanuel Ekanem Wilson, 31, Real Estate Management field worker; wife, Rose Monday Jeremiah Emmanuel Ekanem.

MONTEVIDEO URUGUAY WEST STAKE: (April 21, 2024) President — Ebers Raúl Álvarez Comesaña, 45, Jaume y Seré head of infrastructure; succeeding Cesar David Maciel Gonzalez; wife, Dayana Noemi Hurst Alvarez. Counselors — Alex Joel López Placeres, 42, Uruguayan State Sanitary Works team manager; wife, Emely Saría Fernández Dotta. David Dacoli, 39, UTE assistant manager; wife, Leticia Abelenda Lopez.

NAMPULA MOZAMBIQUE STAKE: (May 12, 2024) President — Dionísio Pedro, 32, Ministry of Education Portuguese professor; succeeding Abílio Francisco; wife, Mafalda Manuel de Sousa Pedro. Counselors — Mazezo Antonio Sumaera, 43, pharmacist; wife, Brenda Rui Ivo Florindo Sumaera. Agostinho Carlos Armando, 31, Over Mountains Travel & Services travel agent; wife, Dulci Victor Armando.

RIGBY IDAHO STAKE: (May 5, 2024) President — Bryan J Rhodes, 48, C&B Supply Chain Management managing partner and Rhodes Pro Consulting government contract consultant; succeeding Steven Jerry Browning; wife, Jada Coy Taylor Rhodes. Counselors — Jeremy Gordon Hall, 50, dairyman and farmer; wife, Tammie Lee Black Hall. Trent Robert McGary, 45, doctor of physical therapy; wife, Katie Jane Kaaen McGary.

SOUTH JORDAN UTAH RUSHTON VIEW STAKE: (April 21, 2024) President — Christopher Bradford Nielson, 38, Podium vice president of customer success; succeeding Michael David MacKay; wife, Whitney Jane Bullock Nielson. Counselors — Dustin Jack Wagstaff, 43, clinical pharmacist, and case worker; wife, Amy Fairbanks Wagstaff. Brian David May, 40, SmithRx director of operations; wife, Kristin Young May.

VANCOUVER WASHINGTON EAST STAKE: (April 14, 2024) President — Jeffrey Robert Zundel, 48, Peak Industrial Inc. executive vice president and owner; succeeding Verne Loveland May; wife, Karen Jean Johnson Zundel. Counselors — Glen Leland Hobbs, 60, retired; wife, Denise Elizabeth McCutcheon Hobbs. John Ryan Kanzler, 48, HP Inc. global sustainability director; wife, Megan Cathleen Fear Kanzler.

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