How can I help my child prepare for the temple?

It is never too early to teach children about the temple, wrote Sister Nancy Dance and Sister Dana Wright, former members of the Primary general advisory council, in a recent Liahona article.

“As the temple and its blessings are important to us, our actions and our words will teach our children to love the temple as well,” they explained. “When children understand the importance of making covenants with God, their desire to prepare for those covenants is likely to increase.”

In the October Liahona digital-only article titled “Teaching Your Children To Love the Temple,” Sister Dance and Sister Wright offered several simple ideas to help children learn to understand and love the temple:

For 3– to 7-year-olds:

  • Display a picture of the temple in your home.
  • Talk together about the temple.
  • Where possible, visit the temple grounds, touch the temple or view temple photos online.
  • Draw or build a model of your temple with readily available materials such as stones and mud, clay, play dough or blocks. Later, do it again for a different temple.
  • Engage in family activities provided on
  • Act out meaningful family stories or make traditional family recipes. Explain the importance of knowing about our ancestors.

For 8– to 11-year-olds:

  • As a family, regularly read and discuss together the temple recommend interview questions. Encourage your children to be worthy of a recommend regardless of when they will be able to attend.
  • Teach about the power, protection and importance of keeping covenants and promises.
  • Review together information and videos at, like the virtual tour of the Rome Italy Temple.
  • Share personal temple experiences or stories from family members, including extended family.
  • As your child turns 10 or 11, create a simple calendar to count down the days, weeks or months until they can enter the temple.
  • Discuss together the scripture story of the Savior in the temple at age 12 (see Luke 2:42–51).
  • Create a plan to prepare for your child’s first visit to the temple. Where possible, make it a family event. To help your child feel more comfortable, include talking about the practical aspects of temple baptisms and confirmations, such as what to wear to and in the temple, where they will enter the baptistry, who will help them, how baptisms and confirmations are performed, and the order of what will happen inside.
  • Learn to do family history work and prepare family names to take to the temple.

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