50 ideas to share light for #LightTheWorld 2023

Initiative also includes playing a part in a modern Nativity

The 2023 #LightTheWorld initiative invites all to find ways to “Let your light shine.”

Throughout December, individuals are encouraged to look for ways to share their light with someone else.

Like last year’s initiative, this year also has a list of 50 ideas to share light with others. A PDF can be downloaded on the English, Spanish, Portuguese and French Light the World websites.

A list of 50 ways to shine light throughout December 2023.
A list of 50 ways to shine light throughout December 2023. | The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Modern Nativity text series

Daily text or WhatsApp reminders are available to inspire people by allowing them to be a part of someone’s Christmas story this year. Text LIGHT to 71234 or sign up through WhatsApp on the SpanishPortuguese and French Light the World websites.

Each message or text sends one of eight character roles from the Bible’s Nativity story, along with ideas for sharing light. Play each role by using the suggestions to help lift others. Then text back for another role.

Images of the roles in the modern Nativity text series for Christmas 2023 include the star, the baby Jesus in the manger and a stable animal.
Images of the roles in the modern Nativity text series for Christmas 2023. People can text LIGHT to 71234 or sign up through WhatsApp on the Spanish, Portuguese and French Light the World websites from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. |

Service shuffler

On, people can click the button in the online “service shuffler” to find ideas to share light. The sections include what to do, for whom and when.

People are invited to take a screenshot of the service idea that comes up and then commit to it by adding to the online tracker of others who have done the same.

An online service shuffler prompts you to show compassion for a childhood friend.
An example of a prompt of options for service provided by the “service shuffler” on | Screenshot from

50 ideas to share light

Below is the list of 50 ideas to share light this Christmas season.

  1. Give your favorite book to a loved one.
  2. Donate cans to your local food bank.
  3. Smile at someone.
  4. Leave a kind note for your mail carrier.
  5. Invite a neighbor to a worship service.
  6. Watch ”The Christ Child” with family or friends.
  7. Leave an uplifting comment on social media.
  8. Visit with an elderly neighbor.
  9. Text someone, “I’m grateful for you.”
  10. Tell a loved one they matter to you.
  11. Be kind to yourself. Practice self-care.
  12. Clean up trash in your community.
  13. Send a funny meme or video to a friend.
  14. Make a meal with a family member.
  15. Go caroling with a group.
  16. Take a walk with a friend.
  17. Offer to teach someone a new skill.
  18. Hold the door open for a stranger.
  19. Host a family game night.
  20. Pray for someone by name.
  21. Volunteer at your local library.
  22. Pay for the person behind you at the store.
  23. Give a hug to a friend.
  24. Forgive someone.
  25. Invite others to a Christmas celebration.
  26. Call someone you miss.
  27. Learn to say “merry Christmas” in a new language.
  28. Carry an extra snack for someone in need.
  29. Send a homemade Christmas card to a friend.
  30. Plan some one-on-one time with a loved one.
  31. Let a stranger go ahead of you in line.
  32. Be patient with waitstaff and customer service.
  33. Contribute to the Giving Machines locally or online.
  34. Text a photo of a fond memory to a family member.
  35. Learn how another culture celebrates Christmas.
  36. Complete an item on a loved one’s to-do list.
  37. Ask a co-worker how you can lighten their load.
  38. Post about a loved one using #LightTheWorld.
  39. Share a link to a holiday song that you love.
  40. Help someone research their family genealogy.
  41. Make a Christmas playlist and share it with a friend.
  42. Send a thank-you note to a healthcare worker.
  43. Stop to help someone who is having car trouble.
  44. Leave a gift on a neighbor’s doorstep.
  45. Support a local small business.
  46. Give your neighbor a compliment.
  47. Let someone else be kind to you.
  48. Help a loved one clean their home.
  49. Apologize to someone.
  50. Laugh with a friend.

Download the sheet and other resources such as Christmas wallpapers, event invites, digital pass-along cards and videos at

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