6 animated videos for kids about following the covenant path

Videos on Gospel for Kids YouTube channel teach children about prayer, service, revelation, forgiveness and more

In a new, animated video published on the Gospel for Kids YouTube channel, a young girl named Sophia must choose what to do when a peer uses bad words on the school bus. 

The video “Sophia Stands for Right” released Feb. 6 is the latest in the Covenant Path series on the YouTube channel. This series teaches children principles of living the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“I always want to stand up for what I feel is right, but when I did, it only seemed to make it worse,” Sophia tells her grandmother after returning home from school one day. A boy named Tyler had said a bad word on the bus, and when she kindly asked him to stop, he made fun of her.

Sophia’s grandmother helps her understand that Sophia can’t control the actions of others and encourages her to pray for help to find another solution. Not only does Sophia find a way to not give into his taunting, she also finds a way to be his friend.

Five other animated shorts from the Covenant Path series are included below. Each video is five to seven minutes long.

‘Serving in the Savior’s Way’

Matt and Miguel learn that their friend Hatsu is going through a tough time and find a way to help her feel the Savior’s love.

‘Recognizing Revelation’

Ashlee learns the difference between her own feelings and the peace that comes from the Holy Ghost.

‘Balance in All Things’

When Travis gets stressed about his science project and missing out in other areas, his dad intervenes and explains key aspects of balanced living.

‘Sophia’s Baptism Promise’

Sophia learns how best to explain to her friend Ava the importance of the two-way promise she’ll make with Heavenly Father during her baptism. 

‘The Goal: A Story of Faith, Friendship and Forgiveness’

Matt and Travis learn how to forgive each other in their quest to follow the covenant path.

Find more videos for children on the Gospel for Kids YouTube channel (El Evangelio para niños in Spanish and Evangelho para Crianças in Portuguese).

Additional resources for children can be found on the Gospel for Kids app for iOS and Android.

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