This week on social: President Cordon, President Porter and other leaders share excitement for general conference

President Porter looks forward to general conference to ‘absorb the messages that a loving Heavenly Father has for [her]’

Sister Tracy Y. Browning of the Primary general presidency posted on Facebook on March 29. She wrote about a Primary child who participated in general conference and said, “Thank you for sharing your amazing talents and reminding us that this spiritual event is for everyone, regardless of age.”

Sister Browning reflected on learnings from past general conferences. She posted again on Facebook, asking how others will prepare for general conference and invited all to watch.

Young Women General President Bonnie H. Cordon explained on Instagram that she was sad to part with the flowers her son had given her. “I’m grateful for men with good hearts, like my grown son who saw me and loved me,” she said. “The Savior’s love is one that blooms forever.”

On March 29, Brother Bradley R. Wilcox of the Young Men general presidency shared the personal experience of an individual who was a counselor at For the Strength of Youth (FSY). Brother Wilcox called FSY “a place of miracles.”

On Instagram on March 29, Sister Amy A. Wright of the Primary general presidency testified that President Russell M. Nelson is a prophet of God. She wrote, “Follow the prophet; He knows the way!”

Primary General President President Susan H. Porter expressed her gratitude for general conference on Facebook. On March 31, she said, “As the Tabernacle Choir sings and testimonies of the living Christ are declared, I feel like a sponge submerged in life-giving water, wanting to absorb the messages that a loving Heavenly Father has for me.”

Sister Michelle D. Craig of the Young Women general presidency posted on March 31 on Instagram. “While scholars search the past and scientists look for current facts, our prophets see around the corner,” she wrote. She invited all to watch general conference.

On March 31, Sister Michelle D. Craig of the Young Women general presidency expressed her excitement for general conference. She said, “I am filled with a desire to press forward in the ‘glorious cause of truth.’”

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