Kaitlyn Bancroft
Kaitlyn Bancroft

Kaitlyn Bancroft is a reporter with Church News. Previously, she’s written for, The Salt Lake Tribune, The Spectrum & Daily News (part of the USA TODAY NETWORK), The Denver Post, Deseret News and The Davis Clipper. She's a 2019 graduate of Brigham Young University's journalism program, where she worked at The Daily Universe for four years. Follow her work on Twitter @katbancroft or on Instagram @katbancroftreports, and email her at

Joining the Church can sometimes feel like walking through a maze for new converts, said Elder Neil L. Andersen, but it should feel more like walking through the temple.

This week’s study guide includes Alma and Amulek’s imprisonment and Zeezrom’s conversion.

Elder Ulisses Soares’ address at the 2024 Seminar for New Mission Leaders focused on the importance of finding people ready to hear the gospel.

This week’s “Come, Follow Me” study guide covers Alma 8-12, which includes Alma’s missionary efforts in Ammonihah and Amulek’s conversion.

The 42-year-old father of six has no previous broadcasting experience but isn’t a stranger to public speaking.

This week’s study guide includes Alma’s discourse about changed hearts and his ministry in Gideon.

Sister Kristin M. Yee was the keynote speaker for three young single adult conferences that occurred simultaneously in Idaho, Colorado and Missouri.

Elder James W. McConkie III, General Authority Seventy, shared Church history and the testimonies of early Saints during a BYU–Idaho devotional on Tuesday, June 4.

The concert will take place twice, with participants choosing to attend on Aug. 2 or 3.

May it be “a covenant place of generational sealing, of reverence, peace and inspiration.”

This week’s study guide includes the start of the reign of the judges, Nehor’s death and Amlici’s war against the Nephites.

At least 12 tornadoes killed eight people, destroyed homes and left thousands without power during the weekend of May 25.

This week’s study guide includes Alma the Younger and the sons of Mosiah’s rebellion and their subsequent conversion.

Church History Museum art curator Laura Paulsen Howe and conservationist Shiree Roberts spoke about the challenges and rewards of preserving art for future generations.

Hundreds of women filled the Hyde Park Chapel on May 19 to hear Elder Renlund testify of Jesus Christ’s divinity and healing power.

This week’s study guide includes Alma baptizing at the waters of Mormon and the deliverance of two groups from bondage.

Brian Willoughby spoke to a family-focused U.N. coalition in New York City on the International Day of Families.

The Wheatley Institute and Utah State University recently collaborated on the project, supported by Utah Gov. Spencer J. Cox’s Disagree Better initiative.

The Lexington Kentucky North Stake was recently honored by the governor for distributing over 222,000 pounds of nonperishable food in 2023.

This week’s study guide includes Abinadi’s teachings to King Noah and his priests.

“When kids make mistakes and they’re met with loving support … they grow so much faster,” Deanna Lambson said during the 2024 Utah Coalition Against Pornography Conference.

Elder Dale G. Renlund was the opening keynote speaker at the 2024 Utah Coalition Against Pornography Conference on Saturday, May 4.

This week’s study guide includes Ammon’s discovery of the land of Lehi-Nephi and the start of Zeniff’s record.

Find links to keynote summaries and session highlights here for the 2024 BYU Women’s Conference.

Liz Darger shared at BYU Women's Conference about how the Holy Ghost can help Latter-day Saint women lead at home, in the community and at church.

President Camille N. Johnson, Sister J. Anette Dennis and Sister Kristin M. Yee shared truths about different aspects of covenant power.

President Bruce C. Kusch and his wife, Sister Alynda Kusch, spoke during the spring semester opening devotional on April 23.

Elder and Sister Uchtdorf look forward to “joyfully worshipping the Living Christ together” during the Aug. 4 devotional.

This week’s study guide concludes King Benjamin’s teachings to his people.