What county outside of Utah has the most stakes?

Two Utah counties — Salt Lake and Utah — each have more than 170 stakes. The third-highest number is 72

Two Utah counties — Salt Lake and Utah — have the most stakes of any U.S. county. The third-highest number belongs to Maricopa County, Arizona, with 72 stakes.

Maricopa also has the third most Latter-day Saint temples in any county, with three: the Mesa Arizona, Phoenix Arizona and Gilbert Arizona temples.

Salt Lake County and Utah County each have four dedicated temples: the Salt Lake, Jordan River, Draper and Oquirrh Mountain temples in Salt Lake County, and the Provo, Mount Timpanogos, Payson and Provo City Center temples in Utah County. 

Salt Lake County has 181 stakes and Utah County 174.

Thirteen of the 15 counties in Arizona have at least one stake.

Map showing Arizona counties and numbers of stakes as of October 2022.
Map showing Arizona counties and numbers of stakes as of October 2022. Thirteen of 15 Arizona counties have Latter-day Saint stakes. | Aaron Thorup, for the Church News

Maricopa County is by far the most populous county in Arizona, with 62% of the state’s population and 62% of the state’s 116 stakes.

Arizona has six temples: the three in Maricopa County plus temples in Tucson, Pima County; Snowflake, Navajo County; and The Gila Valley Arizona Temple in Central, Graham County.

Utah is the state with the most dedicated temples with 17. California has seven, and Arizona and Idaho each have six. 

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