Video: A ‘beautiful reminder’ in the Manti Utah Temple of the ‘Lamb of God’

President Johnson points to a painting in the temple’s entry that’s a reminder of the Savior and why there are temples

In the entry of the Manti Utah Temple, a painting depicts Jesus Christ as the Shepherd, holding a lamb and surrounded by sheep in a landscape reminiscent of Utah’s Sanpete Valley.

Sheep and lambs are common in Sanpete County, one of the top sheep-producing counties in Utah.

The painting is “a beautiful reminder of why we’re here in the house of the Lord, to make covenants with God,” said Relief Society General President Camille N. Johnson in this Church News video, titled “The Lamb of God.”

“Through the ordinances that are performed here, [we] have the opportunity to return to our heavenly home because of our Savior,” President Johnson said during March 11 media day interviews held during the Manti Utah Temple open house.

The Manti Utah Temple will be rededicated on Sunday, April 21, after being closed for renovation and art restoration since October 2021.

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