Church releases Gospel for Kids YouTube channel for children

A YouTube channel designed specifically for children has been created by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Primary General President Camille N. Johnson announced on social media Thursday, Oct. 21.  

The Gospel for Kids YouTube channel will regularly share singalong videos, “Come Draw With Me” videos, broadcasts and stories from prophets and apostles. 

“Our Heavenly Father loves His children so very much,” she wrote. “Those of us who interact with children can help them feel that love. We hope this new resource for children will bless them with a confirmation that their Heavenly Father knows and loves them. 

“I invite you to subscribe to the channel and share these videos with children you know.”

The YouTube channel has already published more than a dozen videos, including the 2021 Friend to Friend broadcast, a video of how to draw the Nauvoo Temple sunstone and a singalong video for “I Will Walk With Jesus.”

Spanish and Portuguese versions of the YouTube channel are coming soon, President Johnson said. 

President Johnson’s counselors, Sister Susan H. Porter and Sister Amy A. Wright, also posted on social media about the Gospel for Kids YouTube channel.

“When my children were young, I was always looking for resources to help teach them about Jesus Christ and His gospel. ... I would have loved to have had access to videos like these, and I look forward to sharing them with my grandchildren,” Sister Porter wrote.

Sister Wright added: “For many months now, our Primary general presidency has been busy helping plan and launch a new YouTube channel for children. We are excited to show you the fruits of our labor! Gospel for Kids will regularly share exciting videos to aid parents and teachers as they teach children about Jesus Christ.”

Among other resources the Church has created for children this year include the Gospel for Kids app and the Gospel Library children’s collection.  

The Gospel for Kids app consolidates three previous gospel-focus apps for kids and has four main sections: Scripture Stories, Coloring Books, Sing Along and More Activities. It is designed to help children connect with the Savior at their level and is currently available on iOS and Android in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The new Gospel Library section is called Children whether accessing it online or using the app. It allows children to engage with stories, videos and interactive activities and provides parents and Primary teachers with resources to create Primary and home evening lessons on a weekly basis.

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