Watch: Elder Soares describes what a magnet teaches about resisting temptation

Yielding to temptation is like approaching a magnet with a metal object. The magnet’s invisible force attracts the metal object and holds it tightly, Elder Ulisses Soares of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles explained. 

When the metal object is placed far from the magnet, the magnet loses power. Likewise, “as we resist temptation,” he said, “it fades away and loses its power over our mind and heart and, consequently, over our actions.”

In a new Church inspirational message video — titled “Temptation Fades as We Seek Christ in Every Thought” and released on Thursday, Dec. 2 — Elder Soares assured those who have fallen into temptation that there is a way back, and there is hope in Christ.

His narration for the video is based on his October 2020 general conference talk “Seek Christ in Every Thought.”

The video uses animation to illustrate the metaphor of the magnet and other principles about seeking the Savior and aligning one’s mind and desires with His. 

“I know that by following Jesus’s example, we will avoid many tragedies and undesirable behaviors that might cause family problems and disagreements, enslavement by evil addictions, and anything else that would be against the Lord’s commandments,” Elder Soares said. 

After resisting the force of several magnets, the main character in the video holds to an iron rod. Distractions swarm around him, but he continues to hold on. 

As the character walks toward the light, Elder Soares extends an invitation: “I invite all of us to ‘hear Him’ in every thought and follow Him with all our heart in order to obtain the strength and courage to say, ‘No’ and ‘Get thee hence’ to all the things that might bring unhappiness into our life.

“I promise that the Lord will send an added measure of His Holy Spirit to strengthen and comfort us and we may become individuals after the Lord’s own heart.”

Read more from Elder Soares’ talk “Seek Christ in Every Thought.”

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