FSY will have a session in ASL this summer. Here’s how to register

‘We are thrilled to celebrate such a gathering of youth from all across the country to participate in FSY in their language, American Sign Language,’ says session director

A session of For the Strength of Youth conferences during summer 2023 will be held in American Sign Language, the Church has announced.

FSY is a large five-day event that includes devotionals, classes and activities designed to help strengthen faith in Jesus Christ and help youth have fun as they learn to apply the gospel in all aspects of their life.

The ASL session — which will be held July 24-29 at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah — is open to all youth who are deaf, hard of hearing or use ASL and are eligible to attend FSY. 

“We are thrilled to celebrate such a gathering of youth from all across the country to participate in FSY in their language, American Sign Language,” said Emmalee Christensen, who will serve as a session director with her husband, Dean. 

“The only barrier that will prevent deaf and hard of hearing youth from attending FSY ASL is their decision not to come. The FSY team is ready to support all deaf and hard of hearing youth to attend the FSY ASL session in Provo.”

A March 31 notice sent to local leaders in the United States stated that the FSY ASL session is available for all eligible youth in the U.S., not just those in stakes invited to attend in 2023. Youth who are deaf or hard of hearing and do not use ASL are strongly encouraged to attend, and appropriate accommodations will be provided.

“If there are any hard of hearing youth who are unsure if they would be welcomed because they are not fluent in ASL, we extend a special invitation to you to come join us,” Christensen said. “Our FSY counselors are ready to help you make this step into the world of ASL access.” 

The ASL session will have the same kind of activities, devotionals and classes as other FSY sessions. A pilot For the Strength of Deaf Youth, or FSDY, was held last summer at the Kenneth Burdett School of the Deaf in Ogden, Utah. Youth who participated reported feeling happier and more involved. This summer’s ASL session will be run by the Church’s FSY team.

Youth make the sign for “I love you” in American Sign Language at a pilot For the Strength of Deaf Youth conference at the Kenneth Burdett School of the Deaf in Ogden, Utah, June 27-July 2, 2022. The Church has announced an FSY session will be held in ASL summer 2023. | Emmalee Christensen

How to register for FSY ASL

Registration will open for the ASL session on April 24 at 9 a.m. Mountain Time. Look for FSY UT Provo 09C-American Sign Language. 

If a youth is currently registered for a different session and would like to attend the ASL session, he or she can transfer to the ASL session beginning April 24, the notice stated. For instructions on how to transfer sessions, see the FAQ on the Church’s FSY website. 

Youth interested in the ASL session are encouraged to register by May 15 to allow FSY personnel adequate time to make the proper arrangements. If the youth is from a stake outside of Utah, travel to and from the ASL session will be arranged by FSY personnel.

“As youth come to FSY (ASL), they will discover a sense of belonging among their deaf and hard of hearing peers that is often not achieved where they live,” Christensen said. “They will experience the transformative power of Christ’s grace. Together they will belong.”

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