The sacrament is instituted, the 12 disciples are blessed before the Savior ascends to the Father, in new Book of Mormon Videos episode

Three new ‘On the Set’ videos join this week’s episode that depicts 3 Nephi 18 as new videos published on 

The Church’s latest Book of Mormon Videos release shows Jesus Christ administering the sacrament for the first time to the people of Ancient America. 

The first half of this new episode depicts the first 10 verses of 3 Nephi 18, where the Savior goes through the process of preparing, blessing and sharing the bread and wine. It also shows the 12 Nephite disciples administering the sacrament to those gathered in Bountiful. 

Jesus Christ then commends those who partook of the sacrament and commands them to do so regularly. He also tells them to pray always in any situation or setting as a way to avoid falling to Satan’s temptations. 

The Savior declares that he gives these commandments “because of the disputations which have been among you. And blessed are ye if ye have no disputations among you” (3 Nephi 18:34).

After giving commandments to the people that they should partake of the sacrament, pray, gather together and minister to one another, the Savior blessed each of the Nephite disciples, who were ordained with the same authority among the Nephites as the 12 apostles in Jerusalem, and ascended to heaven. 

Three ‘On the Set’ videos share stories of Church leaders, crew and cast

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf and Elder Dale G. Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles were joined by their wives, Sister Harriett Uchtdorf and Sister Ruth Renlund, respectively, on the set of the Book of Mormon Videos. In a four-minute video, they each share observations and feelings they had while watching the filming of some of the scenes. 

General Relief Society President Camille N. Johnson, General Young Women President Bonnie H. Cordon and other leaders and members of organizational advisory councils also attended different filming sessions. 

Speaking of Jesus Christ, Elder Uchtdorf said, “He’s real, and I’m sure that He’s pleased that we worship Him, we honor Him through this kind of work.” 

Book of Mormon Videos director Blair Treu said this has been a unique opportunity. 

“It’s really cool to be on a set when you have so many people that are dedicated to this work,” he said. 

Art director John Munoa said the production team decided to read 3 Nephi prior to beginning this season. 

“The feelings and thoughts that come with studying that holy text over and over again get put into the love that goes into building a set like this,” he said. 

Many cast members had personal moments of inspiration while working on the Book of Mormon Videos. Some of them shared what made their participation in the production meaningful to them as individuals. 

The full series of Book of Mormon Videos can be seen at

Episode release schedule

Book of Mormon Videos have been or will be released on the following schedule:

  • Oct. 7: “Jesus Christ Teaches and Gives Power To Baptize” | 3 Nephi 11–12
  • Oct. 14: “Jesus Christ Teaches How To Live the Higher Law” | 3 Nephi 12–14
  • Oct. 21: “Jesus Christ Testifies of One Fold and One Shepherd” | 3 Nephi 15–16
  • Oct. 28: “Jesus Christ and Angels Minister With Compassion” | 3 Nephi 17
  • Nov. 4: “Jesus Christ Introduces the Sacrament” | 3 Nephi 18
  • Nov. 11: “The Disciples Minister and Jesus Christ Prays for the People” | 3 Nephi 19
  • Nov. 18: “Jesus Christ Explains How He Will Gather Israel” | 3 Nephi 20–23
  • Nov. 25: “Jesus Christ Declares the Name of His Church and His Doctrine” | 3 Nephi 27
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