BYU Women's Conference

President Johnson shares how she learned to listen to the inspiration of the Holy Ghost and trust in the Savior and His Atonement.

Young single adult members of Young Women general advisory council joined a BYU Women’s Conference panel about youth taking the lead.

How the BYU Women's Conference theme — found in 2 Nephi 4:34 — has brought Jennifer Kerns Davis comfort through divorce, illness and the suicide of her oldest child.

“A tremendous amount of good is accomplished when we work together and give just a little bit of our time."

At BYU Women’s Conference, Young Women General President Emily Belle Freeman and Sister Amy A. Wright of the Primary general presidency taught about the critical role and purpose of women in God’s plan.

“The success of our missionaries, like the army of Helaman spoken of in the Book of Mormon, is the result of wonderful, covenant-keeping parents, leaders and mentors,” Elder Brent H. Nielson of the Presidency of the Seventy said during BYU Women’s Conference.

President Susan H. Porter and Sister Andrea Muñoz Spannaus spoke at BYU's Women's Conference of the power and comfort that comes through Jesus Christ.

Find links to keynote summaries and session highlights here for the 2024 BYU Women’s Conference.

The Young Men general presidency offered Christ-centered principles for parents and leaders of youth at the 2024 BYU Women's Conference.

During BYU Women's Conference on May 3, Relief Society General President Camille N. Johnson testifies to Latter-day Saint women of where to look for answers

In a BYU Women’s Conference session, women leaders invited listeners to remember why they do what they do as covenant women.

At BYU Women's Conference, Sister Tracy Y. Browning and Sister J. Anette Dennis testified of the restored Church of Jesus Christ.

Liz Darger shared at BYU Women's Conference about how the Holy Ghost can help Latter-day Saint women lead at home, in the community and at church.

President Camille N. Johnson, Sister J. Anette Dennis and Sister Kristin M. Yee shared truths about different aspects of covenant power.

BYU Women’s Conference committee director shares insights into this year’s theme and what attendees can expect.

The Relief Society general president has a special message for all women in the Church.

BYU Women's Conference has announced its 2024 keynote speakers. Young women and their leaders are invited to join a Wednesday evening event.

One of the largest gatherings of Latter-day Saint women in the world kicked off May 3 and went through May 5.

Choosing to be a disciple of Christ can help singles find peace and joy now and make an impact in their congregations, taught presenters at BYU Women’s Conference.

In the war of words today, the most important words are those from prophets, seers and revelators, taught Sheri L. Dew at BYU Women’s Conference