In the News

At the end of a long career to acquire, manage and train others to collect Church history, Matt Heiss talks about the blessings of record keeping.

Presiding Bishop Gérald Caussé, Bishop W. Christopher Waddell and Bishop L. Todd Budge answer the question: “What does the Presiding Bishopric do?”

Gloria Irion, Laurie Marsh and Russell Nelson Jr. discuss the lessons learned as children from their father, President Russell M. Nelson.

Filipino social media influencers Megan Young and Mikael Daez share their impressions of the Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert — as well as celebrating Christmas every day of the year.

President Dallin H. Oaks, Sister Wendy Nelson, and others joined the Church News podcast in 2022

This episode of the Church News podcast recaps the important events of 2022 and how they affected Latter-day Saints and the world.

This episode of the Church News podcast features a professor of ancient scripture at Brigham Young University offering historical insights and biblical context on Bethlehem.

Sunday School General President Mark L. Pace and his counselors, Brother Milton Camargo and Brother Jan E. Newman, talk about how the scriptures point to a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ.

Elder W. Mark Bassett, a General Authority Seventy, and Aaron Hall of the Missionary Department join the Church News podcast to share behind-the-scenes details of the Light the World initiative.

In this episode of the Church News podcast, reporter Trent Toone talks about Church history, the Joseph Smith Papers project and his coverage of the fan-funded television series “The Chosen.”

Historians Jennifer Reeder, Lisa Olsen Tait and Cherry Bushman Silver talk about the life and influence of Eliza R. Snow and Emmeline B. Wells.

Army Lt. Col. Sonie Munson, media operations chief for U.S. Northern Command, and Andrea Wagenbach, who works for the U.S. Department of Defense, talk about their service on the Church’s Military Advisory Committee

Suzanne Bates gives insight to the 2022 American Family Survey, which finds that Americans are divided politically and losing confidence in marriage.

In this episode of the Church News podcast, President Ballard speaks about pioneers, leadership and testimony.

As Latter-day Saints study the Old Testament, Jewish Rabbi Meir Soloveichik shares insights into the Hebrew Bible, religious liberty and being light kindlers.

This episode of the Church News podcast features the Young Men leaders talking about the new guide, FSY conferences and the 2023 youth theme.

This episode of the Church News podcast highlights charity and healing after 14 Wyoming football players were dismissed from their university team five decades ago.

This episode includes a recap of messages from Church leaders during the October 2022 general conference.

In this episode of the Church News podcast, Church News chief copy editor David Schneider talks about how the gospel of Jesus Christ has helped him move forward despite complex life changes.

In this episode, Family Services Emergency Response program manager highlights five principles to support individuals during crisis.

In celebration of this landmark, this episode of the podcast offers a few “best of” moments from past podcasts.

As the Church grows rapidly in Africa, Elder Rasband shares some of his treasured experiences on the continent.

Quoting President Dallin H. Oaks, Judge Griffith said: “On contested issues, we seek to moderate and to unify.”

BYU Education Week administrator Bruce Payne gives a glimpse into the planning, facilitating and learning involved in producing the program every year

Despite debilitating illness, the Summers family has found joy by serving in the Church and their community.

The first counselor in the First Presidency spoke about his youth and family life, unexpected tragedies, and the blessings of Church service.

Why Elder De Feo believes in the Prophet’s vision of a bright future in Europe in spite of political conflict, a refugee crisis and rising secularism.

President Johnson, who will begin her service as Relief Society general president on Aug. 1, talks about allowing the Savior to be the “author and finisher” of her story — and the individual stories of all.

Incoming Primary General President Susan H. Porter talks about empowering children by inviting them to act on the covenants they make at baptism.

Elder LeGrand R. Curtis Jr. shares about the importance of preserving records and how understanding the past can define the future.