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A joint project renovated a 50-year-old water system in a village on the island of Tahiti.

Donated rainwater harvesting systems and backyard gardens will help families be more self-reliant.

The renovated Hamilton temple will host a public open house beginning Friday, Aug. 26.

A months-long food donation drive kicked off in a village in the area of Addis Ababa.

Church leaders join Ministry of Health officials, hospital directors in opening new facility.

Church members donate supplies and food in Honduras, Guatemala, Peru and Argentina.

Villagers in Ghana are learning to better provide for their families through self-reliance training.

Why Elder De Feo believes in the Prophet’s vision of a bright future in Europe in spite of political conflict, a refugee crisis and rising secularism.

Sharing the gospel is made easier with the Book of Mormon’s new “discover,” “watch” and “share” tabbed features.

Remembering how, in one day — and without prior notice — missionaries shared the the breadth and depth of the Church’s humanitarian work in support of refugees in Rome.

The Joel Nafuma Refugee Center — located in the American Episcopal Church’s St. Paul’s Within the Walls building in Rome, Italy — serves refugees with the help of partners like The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Farming kits and other tools are helping villagers after COVID-19 lockdowns.

Drought is reaching a crisis in the Kurdistan region. The Church is working with the Barzani Charity Foundation and the government to provide access to water.

A desire to share more about the new Yigo Guam Temple and help others in need led to the donation.

Wetekia’s life and testimony have provided deep roots in the gospel of Jesus Christ that have nourished generations in New Zealand.

Displaced families living in camps in northwest Syria now have cleaner, safer conditions after a project from CARE.

Five Latter-day Saint siblings are fourth cousins to the award-winning ice dancer, who met for the first time relatives from his mother’s side of the family.

Members of the Church have been meeting in borrowed or rented buildings for 37 years. The Luanda Angola Stake center will house three wards.

Donated desks and sewing machines, as well as refurbished classrooms and bathrooms will bless children and teachers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Latter-day Saint pioneers across Europe range from the first missionaries in England in 1837 to new converts at the turn of the 21st century.

A youth center in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, not only now has a new roof, it also will use the Church’s Self-Reliance resources.

The cities of Maceió and Santos, Brazil, were announced in April 2022 general conference as locations for future Latter-day Saint temples.

The sacred dual duties of missionary and temple work are ensuring a bright future for Latter-day Saints in Japan.

Co-sponsored by the Church, the “Preventing Violence, Promoting Freedom of Belief” conference focused on how women and children are leading interfaith efforts.

Members of 11 stakes around the Lima, Peru, area spent four Saturdays donating blood in a large campaign to benefit hospital patients.

A quilt-making project for JustServe in Hamilton, New Zealand, has brought warmth and love to the givers and receivers

Kamputhaw Chapel in Lahug, Cebu City, is 50 feet from the Cebu stake center. Also, work has started for the third meetinghouse in Lapu-Lapu City and a branch organized on Romblon.