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Mary Richards

Mary Richards is a reporter for the Church News. Before that, she was a morning reporter/anchor for KSL NewsRadio in Salt Lake City. She graduated from BYU with a degree in journalism, and she and her husband have five children. Email her at

Members of the Church worked around flooded streets, phone service disruptions and power outages to respond to neighbors in need.

Speakers at October 2022 general conference pointed to Jesus Christ and His Atonement, saying covenants and following Him bring rest, peace and joy.

“I pray that you have recorded your impressions and will follow through with them,” said President Nelson.

Born Oct. 2, 1958, Elder Soares was sustained as an Apostle during the April 2018 general conference.

Missionaries in the area are safe, but cleanup efforts are expected to take weeks.

A three-day event sponsored by Silicon Slopes and Hunger Fight is bringing youth together in service.

Faith-based organizations discuss longstanding relationships on panel in New York City.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its members take part in thousands of humanitarian projects throughout the world.

Young Women General President Bonnie H. Cordon and Young Men General President Steven J. Lund taught the youth to follow the Savior and be leaders now.

Against a historic backdrop, Young Women General President Bonnie H. Cordon and Young Men General President Steven J. Lund taught current and future missionaries about their purpose.

The Salt Lake Temple is closed for construction but many places are open in the five city blocks around it, with events, activities and tours.

Brother Bradley R. Wilcox and Brother Milton Camargo traveled to Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania.

The donation goes toward the new “No Time To Waste” program to help malnourished children in up to 24 countries.

In this episode, Family Services Emergency Response program manager highlights five principles to support individuals during crisis.

The winds and rain from the storm also caused widespread flooding in the Caribbean.

Community partners worked together to help resettle thousands of Afghan refugees throughout the Denver area. Here’s what they learned from the team effort.

Sunday School General President Mark L. Pace and Young Men General Presidency first counselor Brother Ahmad S. Corbitt shared ideas and experiences.

Religious schools must differentiate on their unique spiritual purposes, even as they strive to tie into the broader academic community, wrote Elder Clark G. Gilbert.

Two water wells were recently installed in the district of Monsefú, Chiclayo province, allowing families to have a water supply in their homes.

The new facility will serve members in 42 local stakes, but it is “all about the one,” said Bishop W. Christopher Waddell of the Presiding Bishopric.

The contribution will help fight what the World Food Programme calls a “seismic hunger crisis.”

At an Ensign College devotional, President Bruce C. Kusch invites students to use reliable sources and follow the prophets and apostles.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donated water and supplies to people affected by recent heavy rains and flash flooding.

Club volunteers are helping some 160 children in Leeds have a safe place to gather and grow.

After serving as Primary general president for one year, President Camille N. Johnson became Relief Society general president on Aug. 1, 2022.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently completed one of its largest safe water initiatives in the Africa West Area.

Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and Elder S. Mark Palmer of the Presidency of the Seventy spoke of the dreams and faith fueling the Church’s growth in Africa.

On World Suicide Prevention Day, see a list of Church resources, articles, videos and counsel.

Rescuing our Roots includes eight stakes and one mission from Iowa, Missouri and Illinois. JustServe, BillionGraves and FamilySearch are partnering in the effort.

Born Sept. 8, 1940, Elder Quentin L. Cook has served as an Apostle since October 2007.